• Nando contraption
  • Graphene nanowindow potential surface
  • Membrane holder for gas filtering
  • Gas multiprobe adsorption in single wall carbon nanohorn
  • Contraption closeup
  • Water Adsorption Model in a Single Wall Carbon Nanohorn
  • Graphene Monolith SEM (width = 30 micron)



Prof. Katsumi Kaneko

Group Leader

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Research Staff & Students

Dr. Hideki Tanaka


Dr. Radovan Kukobat

Assistant Professor

My research interests include colloidal inorganic dispersions of SWCNTs and thin-films for the fabrication of electronic and electrochromic devices.

Dr. Katsuyuki Murata


Dr. Shuwen Wang


I finished my PhD in Chiba University. My present research interest is graphene-based carbon materials and hierarchical nanostructures.

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar


I finished my PhD in Materials Chemistry from University of Delhi. My research interest includes morphology controlled growth of metal oxides / polymers on different forms of carbons including graphene, graphene nanoribbons and carbon nanotubes for applications in Energy storage (Supercapacitor) and Sensors (Biosensors and Thermal sensors).

Dr. Preety Ahuja


My research presently focus on fabrication of stretchable electrodes based on Polymer and carbon nanocomposites. Also, I have experience in synthesis and characterization of carbonaceous and transition metal oxides based nanomaterials for energy storage and bio sensing application.

Dr. Ayumi Furuse


I finished my PhD in Science in Shinshu University. My research interest are preparation of colloidal materials with unique structures and properties and development of their preparation system.

Elda Piña-Salazar


I applied biology and chemistry for water treatment with bioreactors during my master studies at IPICYT in Mexico. My doctoral research is focused on nanodiamonds and their interfacial properties related to water for applications. I am interested in connecting materials science with biology and environmental science.

Yasunori Yoshikawa

PhD Student

My research interests include understanding liquid phase adsorption phenomena in nanopores of activated carbon.

Izadora Rhaynna Santos de Menezes

PhD Student

I graduated in BSc. and MSc. in Chemistry at UFMG-Brazil, doing research in Inorganic Chemistry. I already have been to Argentina and UK to study. Now, at Shinshu University-Japan, I am studying chemical modification of SWCNT and its colloidal dispersion properties. In my free time I like to travel and get to know different people and cultures.

Dragana Stević


Partha Bairi


Hayato Otsuka


Yuito Kamijou

PhD Student

I am a student of master's course. My research is about carbon nanotubes. I have studied only for one year. So, I would like to learn a lot from many researchers and grow up.

Administrative Staff

Kumiko Miyajima


I am interested in foreign languages and cultures. Working in this group allows me to improve my skills and knowledge. Sometimes I am surprised by the cultural differences, but I find it is interesting.

Previous Members

Dr. Ryusuke Futamura

Assistant Professor

I finished my PhD in Science in Shinshu University. My present interest is the unique structures and properties of confined materials inside of carbon nanospaces.

Naoto Tanigaki

PhD Student

My research interests include carbon nanotubes and polymer membranes for gas separation or filtration. I'd like to invent a novel separation system to save energy or to cut costs.

Kazuaki Urakawa

Technical Investigator

I have experience in patent search, and got a 1st grade Certified Specialist of Intellectual Property Management. I want to value our research as intellectual property rights.

Dr. Fernando Vallejos-Burgos


I worked on molecular adsorption and computational chemistry. I also like building custom apparatus. You can contact me again through my website!

Manami Hoya


I hope our researchers will get a Nobel prize or invent a 'water that brings back youth' someday. I work hard for them, especially for the second motive.

Yuji Ono

PhD Student

My research interests are the adsorptive separation of isotopes and understanding adsorption phenomena.

Nurul Chotimah Gunawan


I am determined and enthusiastic. Seeking a platform that will make best use of my skills and allow me to develop them further. Also up to learn and undertake new challenges.

Austina Dwi Putri


My field of study is graphene, even I've been involved in the development of carbon science for only 1 year, yet I hope to continue grow and learn with other scientist to achieve more.

Misae Okada


I am happy when I notice something new. Even if there are some problems, I like thinking about the solution. I have valuable experiences here.

Mayu Yamada

MS Student

Saki Furuse

BE Student

I joined from this year. I want to learn research and English from many researchers from now on.