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Health Sciences (Master's Program)

The Nursing Division has the four following departments which have been established with the aim of educating students to acquire an ability to carry out highly professional nursing with reliable ethics:

1. The Department of the Science of Fundamental Nursing:
will provide research regarding knowledge and techniques in nursing that form the basis of fundamental nursing studies, as well as education relating to the teaching of such studies.

2. The Department of Adult and Geriatric Nursing:
will carry out studies on the health problems of all stages of human life, including youth, young adulthood, and senescence.

3. The Department of Child and Women's Health Nursing:
will provide educational services relating to the health of mothers, children, and their families before and after delivery; the health of women from youth to senescence; as well as the health of children.

4. The Department of Community, International, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing:
will disperse its studies of nursing to individuals, families, and communities not only in Japan but outside of Japan as well, from the perspective of regional nursing studies and mental nursing.

Adult and Geriatric Nursing

Name Position Research Field E-mail
IKEGAMI Toshihiko Professor General surgery tikegami(at)
AIDA Nobuko Professor Community health/ Gerontological nursing Clinical Nursing aida(at)
IZAWA Atsushi Professor Cardioangiology izawa611(at)

Child and Women's Health Nursing

Name Position Research Field E-mail
ICHIKAWA Motoki Professor Pediatrics, Neuroimmunology mtichik(at)
KANAI Makoto Professor Perinatal Medicine makotok(at)
HIRABAYASHI Yuko Professor Child Health Nursing ykhiraba(at)
TAMAI Mariko Associate Professor Psychology, Bioethics mtamai(at)

Community, International, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

Name Position Research Field E-mail
OKUNO Hiromi Professor Community Health Nursing, Health Promotion, Primary Health Care hiromiok(at)
SHIMOSATO Seiji Professor Psychiatric Nursing, Mental Health Nursing sshimos(at)
IGARASHI Hisato Associate Professor Community Health Nursing Hygiene and public health Medical and hospital management higaras(st)
YAMAZAKI Hiroshi Associate Professor Sociology Death & Life Studies hryamazaki(at)

The focus of Clinical Laboratory Sciences Division is to educate students to become high-level clinical examiners by learning the necessary techniques and requisite knowledge, in tandem with flexible thought patterns. These flexible thought patterns are designed to accommodate any future changes in medical technology. In order to accomplish these goals, this Division contains the five following courses:

1. Clinical Laboratory Hematology Course
2. Function of Biochemical Molecules Course
3. Infection Control & Biological Regulation Course
4. Cell and Tissue Pathophysiology Course
5. Neuro-Respiratory Immunology Course

Clinical Laboratory Investigation

Name Position Research Field E-mail
OTA Hiroyoshi Professor Pathology (Gastrointestinal Pathology) hohta(at)
FUJIMOTO Keisaku Professor Respiratory Medicine (Pathophysiology of Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Sleep Apnea Syndrome), Clinical Physiology keisaku(at)
OKUMURA Nobuo Professor Clinical Chemistry, Genetic Testing, Immunological Testing nobuoku(at)
ISHIDA Fumihiro Professor Hematology fumishi(at)
NAGANO Noriyuki Professor Clinical Microbiology, Antimicrobial Resistance, Pathogenic Microbiology naganon(at)
YAZAKI Masahide Professor Protein Chemistry mayazaki(at)
KIMURA Fumikazu Senior Assistant Professor Call proliferation marker related protein Image analysis
HIGUCHI Yumiko Senior Assistant Professor sasa0922(at)

The goal of the Physical and Occupational Therapy Division is to analyze functional disorders and malfunctions; to elucidate the incidence mechanisms of such disorders and malfunctions; and, to search for clinical evaluations and medical treatment techniques of the Physical and Occupational Therapy Division. Three departments are provided to accomplish the above mentioned aims. Each department offers exclusive education and studies of a specific area:

1. The Department of Physical Therapy
Orthopedio and Sports Physical Therapy Course and Physical Therapy for Disability Prevention Course

2. The Department of Occupational Therapy
Activity of Daily Living and Assistive Technology Course and Mental Health Course

Physical Therapy

Name Position Research Field E-mail
KIMURA Teiji Professor Basic Physical Therapy Science tkimura(at)
YOKOKAWA Yoshiharu Associate Professor Health Promotion for Geriatrics, Fall Prevention, Resistance Training with Vascular Occlusion fhakuba(at)
MOMOSE Kimito Professor Kinesiology, Chest Physical Therapy, Acute Physical Therapy kmomose(at)
TERADA Nobuo Professor General anatomy (including histology/embryology) nobuot(at)
AOKI Kaoru Associate Professor Orthopaedic surgery Biomedical engineering/ Biokmaterial science and engineering kin29men(at)

Occupational Therapy

Name Position Research Field E-mail
SUGIYAMA Nobuhiro Professor Psychiatric science nsugi(at)
KOBAYASHI Masayoshi Professor Occupational Therapy in Mental Health, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Cognitive and Behavioral Science mkobaya(at)
KAMIMURA Tomoko Professor Occupational Therapy, Assistive Technology tkamimu(at)
MUTAI Hitoshi Associate Professor Rehabilitation science/Welfare engineering hitmutai(at)
SAGARI Akira Associate Professor Rehabilitation science
Welfare engineering