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Doctoral Curriculum Outline

Medical Sciences/Pathogenesis and Desease Prevention

minimum credit hrs (30/32) + dissertation(credit hours)

Core Electives (minimum 6) ・Advanced Methods in Morphology (2)
・Advanced Methods in Immunology (2)
・Advanced Methods in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2)
・Advanced Methods in Human Genetics (2)
・Advanced Methods in Tissue and Organ Physiology (2)
・Advanced Methods in Neuroscience (2)
・Advanced Methods in Medical Oncology (2)
Mandatory Courses II (6) ・Advanced Methods in Medical Research (2)
・Advanced Methods in Applied Medical Statistics (2)
・Bioethics (2)
Mandatory Seminars in specialized field (minimum 18) ・Courses in specialized field (minimum 10)
・Medical Science Research in specialized field (8)
Mandatory Course for Pathogenesis and Desease Prevention(2) ・Health Science for Mind and Body (2)

Health Sciences(Japanese version only)

We can only accept students who have enough Japanese language proficiency to be able to take the entrance examination, and all lectures, in Japanese.

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