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Comprehensive Cancer Therapy

Staff List

Professor KOIZUMI Tomonobu, prof.
Assistant Professor SASAKI Shigeru, SAKAMOTO Akihiro, SEKIGUCHI Nodoka


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Summary of Activity

Our Department conducts research, in a wide range of general oncology with a focus on medical oncology, radiation oncology and palliative care by means of various research techniques such as case study, epidemiology, molecular and cellular biology.
Our Department focuses on the clinical research of various therapies including palliative care especially lung cancer, mediastinal tumors, gastrointestinal and hematological malignancies.

Research Projects

1) Investigation of the biochemical characteristics of carcinogenesis and the treatment effects with respect of malignancies.

2) Research on cancer-related genes, cellular growth factor receptors and their signal pathway related to chemo and radiosensitivity.

3) Participation in national multi-central cooperation studies of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in various malignancies.

4) The research of the new combination therapy with chemotherapy and radiotherapy in the treatment of local advanced non-small-cell lung cancer, esophageal cancer et al.

5) Participation in national multi-central collaboration in research of medical oncology, including hematological malignancies and advanced thymus tumor.

6) Research on the use of FDG-PET in diagnosis and treatment effects of malignant tumors.

7) Research on palliative and supportive care, focusing on maintaining the high-quality medical care or using an alternative medicine.

Major Publications

1. Kondo R, Yoshida K, Kawakami S, Shiina T, Kurai M, Takasuna K, Yamamoto H, Koizumi T, Honda T, Kubo K.(2011) Efficacy of CT screening for lung cancer in never-smokers: Analysis of Japanese cases detected using a low-dose CT screen. Lung Cancer  74; 426-432

2. Kondo R, Yoshida K, Kawakami S, Shiina T, Kurai M, Takasuna K, Yamamoto H, Koizumi T, Honda T, Kubo K. (2011) Different efficacy of CT screening for lung cancer according to histological type: Analysis of Japanese-smoker cases detected using a low-dose CT screen.  Lung Cancer 74;433-440

3. Asami K, Koizumi T, Hirai K, Ameshima S, Tsukadaira A, Morozumi N, Morikawa A, Atagi S, Kawahara M. Gefitinib as First-line Treatment in Elderly Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-mutated Patients with Advanced Lung Adenocarcinoma: Results of a Nagano Lung Cancer Research Group Study. (2011) Clin Lung Cancer 12; 387-392

4. Agatsuma T,Koizumi T, Kanda S, Ito M, Urushihata K, Yamamoto H,
Hanaoka M, Kubo K. Combination Chemotherapy with Doxorubicin, Vincristine, Cyclophosphamide, and Platinum Compounds for Advanced Thymic Carcinoma. (2011) J Thoracic Oncol 12;2130-2134

5. Kobayashi T, Koizumi T, Agatsuma T, Yasuo M, Tsushima K, Kubo K, Eda S, Kuraishi H, Koyama S, Hachiya T, Ohura N. A phase II trial of erlotinib in patients with EGFR wild-type advanced non-small-cell lung cancer. (2012) Cancer Chemother Pharmacol 69;1241-1246

6. Koizumi T, Agatsuma T, Ikegami K, Suzuki T, Kobayashi T, Kanda S, Yoshikawa S,  Kubo K, Shiina T, Takasuna K, Matsuo K, Hayasaka M, Morikawa M, Ameshima S. Prospective study of gefitinib readministration after chemotherapy in advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients who previously responded to gefitinib.(2012)  Clin Lung Cancer 13; 458-463

7. Goya H, Kuraishi H, Koyama S, Ichiyama T, Yoshiike F, Hirai K, Agatsuma T,  Tateishi K, Kanda S, Yamamoto H, Kubo K, Koizumi T. Phase I/II study of S-1 combined with biweekly irinotecan chemotherapy in previously treated advanced non-small cell lung cancer. (2012) Cancer Chemother Parmacol 70:691-697

8. Sasaki S, Shikama N, Koiwai K, Kadoya M. Relationship Between the Response to Treatment and the Prognosis of Patients with Aggressive Lymphomas Treated with Chemotherapy Followed by Involved-field Radiotherapy: Radiographic Assessment. (2008) Jpn. J. Clin. Oncol. 38: 43-48

9. Sekiguchi N, Asano N, Ito T, Momose K, Momose M, Ishida F.
Elevated serum granulysin and its clinical relevance in mature NK-cell neoplasms. (2012) Int J Hematol. 96:461-468

10. Kawamata T, Yamamoto K, Fuseya S, Hirabayashi T, Sakamoto A, Kawamata M. Mechanisms underlying generation of cancer pain. Masui. (2011) 60:1010-1017

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