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Master's Program Human Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine
Doctor's Program Medical Science Division, Department of Medical Science, Graduate School of Medicine, Science and Technology

Staff List

Summary of Activity

We provide medical oncology service for patients with cancer such as chemotherapy and palliative therapy. In addition to the clinical service,we also focus on a variety of basic/translational/clinical researches leading to the better patient care in the future. Our team sincerely welcome new trainees who are interested in the field of medical oncology as well as the academic researches under the sophisticated mentorship of our experienced physicians and researchers. We look forward to developing a state-of-the-art cancer care team with your fresh minds and outstanding talents!

Research Subject

1) Novel biomarkers to subgroup chemotherapy-responding patients using blood and saliva Clinical trials in multiinstitutinal hospitals
2) Novel medical interventions to relieve cancer-associated pain

Outlook for Research

Leaders for the making better cancer therapy and care for cancer patients in the future

Major Publications

1. Kawakami T, Ito T, Sakai H, Sekiguchi N, Nakazawa H, Senoo N, Nishina S, Ishida F. Large vessel vasculitis developed early after allogeneic bone marrow transplant for acute erythroid leukemia. Leuk Lymphoma 54(12): 2748-2749, 2013.

2. Eguchi T, Yoshizawa A, Kawakami S, Kumeda H, Umesaki T, Agatsuma H, Sakaizawa T, Tominaga Y, Toishi M, Hashizume M, Shiina T, Yoshida K, Asaka S, Matsushita M, Koizumi T. Tumor Size and Computed Tomography Attenuation of Pulmonary Pure Ground-Glass Nodules Are Useful for Predicting Pathological Invasiveness. PloS ONE 9(5): e97867, 2014.

3. Fukushima T, Tateishi K, Hanaoka M, Koizumi T. Clinical outcomes in patients with small cell lung cancer in a single institute: Comparative analysis of radiographic screening with symptom-prompted patients. Lung Cancer 88: 48-51, 2015.

4. Koizumi T, Tsushima K, Tanabe T, Agatsuma T, Yokoyama T, Ito M, Kanda S, Kobayashi T, Yasuo M. Bronchoscopy-Guided Cooled Radiofrequency Ablation as a Novel Intervention Therapy for Peripheral Lung Cancer. Respiration 90(1): 47-55, 2015.

5. Shimodaira S, Sano K, Hirabayashi K, Koya T, Higuchi Y, Mizuno Y, Yamaoka N, Yuzawa M, Kobayashi T, Ito K, Koizumi T. Dendritic Cell-Based Adjuvant Vaccination Targeting Wilms’Tumor 1 in Patients with Advanced Colorectal Cancer. Vaccines 3(4): 1004-1018, 2015.

6. Andersson EI, Tanahashi T, Sekiguchi N, Gasparini VR, Bortoluzzi S, Kawakami T, Matsuda K, Mitsui T, Eldfors S, Bortoluzzi S, Coppe A, Binatti A, Lagstrom S, Ellonen P, Fukushima N, Nishina S, Senoo N, Sakai H, Nakazawa H, Kwong YL, Loughran TP, Maciejewski JP, Mustjoki S, Ishida F. High incidence of activating STAT5B mutations in CD4-positive T-cell large granular lymphocyte leukemia. Blood 128(20): 2465-2468, 2016.

7. Booka E, Imamura C, Takeuchi H, Hamamoto Y, Gomi D, Mizukami T, Ichiyama T, Tateishi K, Takahashi T, Kawakubo H, soejima K, Boku N, Tanigawara Y, Kitagawa Y. Development of an S-1 dosage formula based on renal function by a prospective pharmacokinetic study. Gastric Cancer 19(3): 876-886, 2016.

8. Koizumi T, Fukushima T, Gomi D, Kobayashi T, Sekiguchi N, Mamiya K, Tateishi K, Katou A, Oguchi K. Correlation of early PET findings with tumor response to molecular targeted agents in patients with advanced driver-mutated non-small cell lung cancer. Med Oncol 34(10):169, 2017.

9. Noguchi T, Ward JP, Gubin MM, Arthur CD, Lee SH, Hundal J, Selby MJ, Graziano RF, Mardis ER, Korman AJ, Schreiber RD. Temporally Distinct PD-L1 Expression by Tumor and Host Cells Contributes to Immune Escape. Cancer Immunol Res 5(2): 106-117, 2017.

10. Tanahashi T, Sekiguchi N, Matsuda K, Matsumoto A, Ito T, Nakazawa H, Ishida F. A screening method with lymphocyte percentage and proportion of granular lymphocytes in the peripheral blood for large granular lymphocyte (LGL) leukemia. Int J Hematol 105(1): 87-91, 2017.

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