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Master's Program Human Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine
Doctor's Program Medical Science Division, Department of Medical Science, Graduate School of Medicine, Science and Technology

Staff List

Professor WASHIZUKA Shinsuke
Associate Professor SASAYAMA Daimei
Senior Assistant Professor MURAKAMI Hiroshi
Assistant Professor HAGIWARA Tetsuya, SHIRAISHI Ken, NAKAMURA Toshinori,
YUI Sumie, YOKOTSUKA Saeko, TANABE Haruka,
TAKAHASHI Kazuhito, IIZAWA Mifumi, SUZUKI Kazuhiro


E-mail : seishin(at)
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Summary of Activity

The Department of Psychiatry place strong emphasis on clinical practice. We approach each patient with a thorough evaluation and treatment plan, and we devote ourselves to clinical care, teaching, and research for the future of psychiatry.

Our main researches are clinical researches based on data obtained in our clinical practice. We conduct studies covering a broad range of topics including psychopathology, psychopharmacology, psychophysiology, neuropathology, psychoradiology, and genetic, molecular, and biological psychiatry.

Research Subject

  • ・Social rehabilitation of patients with mood disorders
  • ・Temperament and characteristics of patients with eating disorders
  • ・Association of estrogen receptors with depression
  • ・Functional brain imaging using near-infrared spectroscopy

Outlook for Research

Our multimodal approach based on clinical practice will lead to findings which will be of practial use in clinical psychiatric settings. We aim to provide insight into the pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders and develop novel diagnostic and treatment methods.

Major Publications

1. Kaneko M, Sano K, Nakayama J, Amano N: Nasu-Hakola disease: The first case reported by Nasu and review. Neuropathology 30: 463-470, 2010.

2. Miyashita M, Sasayam D, Sugiyama N, Yasaki T, Washizuka S, Amano N: Psychotic symptoms complicate the clinical differentiation of Parkinson's disease with major depressive disorder from dementia with Lewy bodies.  Psychogeriatrics 10: 107-111, 2010.

3. Sasayama D, Hayashida A, Yamasue H, Harada Y, Kaneko T, Kasai K, Washizuka S, Amano N: Neuroanatomical correlates of attention-deficit-hyperactivity disoreder accounting for comorbid oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder.  Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 64: 394-402, 2010.

4. Amano N. Inuzuka S. Ogihara T: Behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia and medical treatment. Psychogeriatrics 9: 45-49, 2009.

5. Sugiyama N. Andersson S. Lathe R. Fan X. Alonso-Magdalena P. Schwend T.  Nalvarte I. Warner M. Gustafsson JA: Spatiotemporal dynamics of the expression of estrogen receptors in the postnatal mouse brain. Molecular Psychiatry 14: 223-232, 2009.

6. Washizuka S. Iwamoto K. Kakiuchi C. Bundo M. Kato T: Expression of mitochondrial complex I subunit gene NDUFV2 in the lymphoblastoid cells derived from patients with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Neuroscience Research 63: 199-204, 2009.

7. Harada Y. Saitoh K. Iida J. Sasayama D. Sakai A. Imai J. Iwasaka H. Hirabayashi M. Yamada S. Hirabayashi S. Uchiyama T. Amano N: Establishing the cut-off point for the Oppositional Defiant Behavior Inventory. Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 62: 120-122, 2008.

8. Kaneko M. Sugiyama N. Sasayama D. Yamaoka K. Miyakawa T. Arima K. Tsuchiya K. Hasegawa K. Washizuka S, Hanihara T, Amano N, Yagishita S: Prion disease causes less severe lesions in human hippocampus than other parts of brain. Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 62: 264-270, 2008.

9. Saito H. Ichikawa K. Nomiyama T. Tatsumi N. Washizuka S. Hanihara T. Amano N: Changes in activities of daily living during treatment of late-life depression. Psychogeriatrics 8: 12-18, 2008.

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