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E-brochureUrology (Clinical Urologic and Pharmacologic Research)

Master's Program Human Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine
Doctor's Program Medical Science Division, Department of Medical Science, Graduate School of Medicine, Science and Technology

Staff List

Associate Professor OGAWA Teruyuki
Senior Assistant Professor MINAGAWA Tomonori
Assistant Professor IMAMURA Tetsuya, UENO Manabu, HARA Hiroaki, OGAWA Noriyuki


E-mail : urology(at)
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Summary of Activity

・Our department have been established over 50 years.
・We cover the following wide areas. General urology, Oncology, Laparoscopic surgery, Robotic surgery Voiding dysfunction, Renal transplantation, Urinary tract infection, Erectile dysfunction, Male infertility.
・Our principles are liberty, surgery and neurourology.

Research Subject

  • ・Neurourology, Tissue Engineering research
    One of the headquarters of Neurourology
    Clinical application for regenerative medicine
    (Urethral sphincter regeneration by adipose tissue derived stem cells)
  • ・Minimal invasive surgery research
    In Nagano, robotic surgery has started from our department.
  • ・Advanced transplantation research
    Center of transplantation surgery in Nagano
    We have transplantation center for support and promotion.

Outlook for Research

  1. 1. Clinical application from the advanced basic neurourology and tissue engineering.
  2. 2. Advanced surgery using advanced operation supporting systems
  3. 3. Advanced transplantation surgery

Major Publications

1. Minagawa. T., Tezuka. M., Ogawa. T., Ishizuka. O. (2020) Vorticity in lower urinary tract can be assessed and associates with urinary tract morphology in men. Neurourol Urodyn 39(1): 286-294.

2. Sudha. S.G., Imamura. T., Shimamura. M., Minagawa. T., Nakazawa. M., Ogawa. T., Ishizuka. O. (2020) Recovery of cryo-injured rabbit urethra by biofabricated c-shaped adipose-derived mesenchymal cell structures. Shinshu Med J 68(6): 357-370.

3. Ueno. M., Minagawa. T., Saito. T., Imamura. T., Nagai. T., Ogawa. T., Ishizuka. O. (2020) Therapeutic effects of Choreito, a traditional Japanese (Kampo) medicine, on detrusor overactivity induced by acetic acid in rats. LUTS 12(3).

4. Yamamoto. T., Ishizuka. O., Oike. H., Shiozaki. M., Haba. T., Oguchi. T., Iijima. K., Kato. H. (2020) Safety and efficacy of cabazitaxel in Japanese patients with castration-resistant prostate cancer. Prostate International 8(1): 27-33.

5. Minagawa. T., Daimon. H., Ogawa. N., Saito. T., Suzuki. T., Domen. T., Nagai. T., Ogawa. T., Ishizuka. O. (2019) Morphological and clinical evaluation of prostatic urethra using modified sonourethrography with retrograde jelly injection. LUTS 11(2): 4-10.

6. Minagawa. T., Ogawa. T., Ishizuka. O. (2019) Fluid dynamic assessment of the lower urinary tract: Exploratory research to observe vorticity in the prostatic urethra after transurethral enucleation. Int J Urol 26(8): 853-854.

7. Nagai. T., Imamura. T., Ogawa. T., Minagawa. T., Domen. T., Suzuki. T., Ueno. M., Ishizuka. O. (2019) Nicotine-induced hypoxia in rat urothelium deteriorates bladder storage functions. Neurourol Urodyn 38(6): 1560-1570.

8. Suzuki. T., Hattori. R., Minagawa. T., Uehara. T., Ogawa. T., Ishizuka. O. (2019) Intestinal injury by heat conduction from surgical sealing devices. JSLS 23(1) e2018.00100.

9. Imamura. T., Shimamura. M., Ogawa. T., Minagawa. T., Nagai. T., Sudha. S.G., Ishizuka. O. (2018) Biofabricated structures reconstruct functional urinary bladders in radiation -injured rat bladders. Tissue Eng Part A 24: 1574-1587.

10. Minagawa. T., Gotoh. M., Yokoyama. O., Sugaya. K., Yamanishi. T., Kawahara. K., Kaga. K., Kikuchi. T., Nishizawa. O.; FRESH study group (2018) Therapeutic effect of propiverine hydrochloride on mixed-type urinary incontinence in women: The Female Urgency and Stress Urinary Incontinence Study of Propiverine Hydrochloride trial. Int J Urol 25(5): 486-491.

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