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E-brochureDentistry and Oral surgery

Master's Program Human Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine
Doctor's Program Biomedical Engineering Division, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Graduate School of Medicine, Science and Technology

Staff List

Professor KURITA Hiroshi
Senior Assistant Professor SAKAI Hironori
Assistant Professor KONDO Eiji, TANAKA Hirokazu


E-mail : hkurita(at)
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Summary of Activity

The loss of oral functions leads to poor general health and quality of life. Moreover, since the number of medically compromised patients has been increased in an ageing society, to establish the safety of dental treatments and oral surgery for these patients is also needed. The mission of our department is developments of dental treatments and oral surgery with the purpose of the maintenance of oral functions and prolongation of the healthy life expectancy.

Research Subject

  • ・Treatments based on functional preservation in oral cancer surgery.
  • ・Regenerative medicine for maintenance and improvement of oral functions.
  • ・The safety of dental treatment and oral surgery for medically compromised patients.

Outlook for Research

The oral cavity has many functions. Since the association between oral functions and general health has been reported, the importance of preservation of oral functions is recognized. The purpose of our department is to improve the quality of life based on dentistry and oral surgery.

Major Publications

1. Yamada S, Kurita H, Kamata T, Kirita T, Ueda M, Yamashita T, Ota Y, Otsuru M, Yamakawa N, Okura M, Aikawa T, Yanamoto S, Umeda M. Clinical investigation of 38 cases of oral mucosal melanoma: A multicentre retrospective analysis in Japan. Australas J Dermatol. 58:e223-e227, 2017.

2. Yamada S, Otsuru M, Yanamoto S, Hasegawa T, Aizawa H, Kamata T, Yamakawa N, Kohgo T, Ito A, Noda Y, Hirai C, Kitamura T, Okura M, Kirita T, Ueda M, Yamashita T, Ota Y, Komori T, Umeda M, Kurita H. Progression level of extracapsular spread and tumor budding for cervical lymph node metastasis of OSCC. Clin Oral Investig. 2017 Oct 6. doi: 10.1007/s00784-017-2231-y.

3. Aizawa H, Yamada S, Xiao T, Shimane T, Hayashi K, Qi F, Tanaka H, Kurita H. Difference in glycogen metabolism (glycogen synthesis and glycolysis) between normal and dysplastic/malignant oral epithelium. Arch Oral Biol. 83:340-347, 2017.

4. Yamada S, Kurita H, Kamata T, Kirita T, Ueda M, Yamashita T, Ota Y, Otsuru M, Yamakawa N, Okura M, Aikawa T, Umeda M. Significant prognostic factors affecting treatment outcomes of salivary gland carcinoma: a multicenter retrospective analysis. Odontology. 2017

5. Yamada S, Kurita H, Tomioka T, Ohta R, Yoshimura N, Nishimaki F, Koyama Y, Kondo E, Kamata T. Healthy life expectancy of oral squamous cell carcinoma patients aged 75years and older. Oral Oncol. 2017 Jan;64:22-26. doi: 10.1016/j.oraloncology.2016.

6. Hayashi K, Toyama H, Tanaka H, Aizawa H, Shimane T, Kurashina K, Yamada S, Kurita H. Relationship between the quantity of oral Candida and immunological vigor. J Oral Maxillofac Surg Med Pathol. 29:65-70,2017.

7. Qi F, Yoshida T, Koike T, Aizawa H, Shimane T, Li Y, Yamada S, Okabe M, Nikaido T, Kurita H. Construction and characterization of human oral mucosa equivalent using hyper-dry amniotic membrane as a matrix. Arch Oral Biol 65:26-34, 2016.

8. Nishimaki F, Kurita H, Tozawa S, Teramoto Y, Nishizawa R, Yamada SI. Subjective and qualitative assessment of neural disturbance after inferior alveolar nerve transposition for dental implant placement. Int J Implant Dent. 2016 Dec;2(1):14.

9. Shimane T, Aizawa H, Koike T, Kamiya M, Urano Y, Kurita H. Oral cancer intraoperative detection by topically spraying a γ- glutamyl transpeptidase-activated fluorescent probe. Oral Oncol 6 54: 16-18, 2016.

10. Ohmori N, Murasawa C, Aizawa J, Momose H, Koyama Y, Kurita H, Yoshida H, Kamijo A."Noise reduction in swallowing muscle activity measurement based on mixture Gaussian distribution model", JACIII21:109-118,2017.

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