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Plastic and Reconstructive surgery

Staff List

Professor YUZURIHA Shunsuke
Assistant Professor YASUNAGA Yoshichika, NAGAI Fumio


E-mail : keisei(at)
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Summary of Activity

Our main research is

1. Clinical Research of Cleft Lip and Palate
2. Clinical Research of Vascular Anomaly
3. Research of Facial Anthropometry in Japanese
4. Basic and Clinical Research for Severe Nail Deformity
5. Basic and Clinical Research for Lip Reconstruction and Regenerative Treatment
6. Research using Infrared Blood Flow Monitor
7. Reasearch using Body Composition Analyzer

Major Publications

1. Matsuo K, Ban R, Hama Y, Yuzuriha S.
Eyelid opening with trigeminal proprioceptive activation regulates a brainstem arousal mechanism.
PLoS One. 2015; 10: e0134659.

2. Matsuo K, Ban R, Ban M, Yuzuriha S.
Trigeminal proprioception evoked by strong stretching of the mechanoreceptors in Müller’s muscle induces reflex contraction of the orbital orbicularis oculi slow-twitch muscle fibers.
Eplasty. 2014; 14: e30.

3. Matsuo K, Ban R, Ban M.
Desensitization of the mechanoreceptors in Müller's muscle reduces the increased reflex contraction of the orbicularis oculi slow-twitch fibers in blepharospasm.
Eplaty. 2014; 14: e33.

4. Matsuo K, Osada Y, Ban R.
Electrical stimulation to the trigeminal proprioceptive fibres that innervate the mechanoreceptors in Müller’s muscle induces involutary reflex contraction of the frontalis muscles.
J Plast Surg Hand Surg. 2013; 47: 14-20.

5. Matsuo K, Ban R.
Surgical desensitisation of the mechanoreceptors in Müller’s muscle relieves chronic tension-type headache caused by tonic reflexive contraction of the occipitofrontalis muscle in patients with aponeurotic blepharoptosis.
J Plast Surg Hand Surg. 2013; 47: 21-9.

6. Ohata E, Matsuo K, Ban R, Shiba M, Yasunaga Y.
Electromyographic comparison of forearm muscle movements for fine skin suturing between an enlarged pen needle holder and a webster needle holder.
Eplasty. 2013; 13: e22.

7. Ban R, Matsuo K, Ban M, Yuzuriha S.
Eyebrow ptosis after blowout fracture indicates impairment of trigeminal proprioceptive evocation that induces reflex contraction of the frontalis muscle.
Eplasty. 2013; 13: e33.

8. Ban M, Matsuo K, Ban R, Yuzuriha S, Kaneko A.
Developed lower-positioned transverse ligament restricts eyelid opening and folding and determines Japanese as being with or without visible superior palpebral crease.
Eplasty. 2013; 13: e37.

9. Mishima Y, Matsuo K, Yuzuriha S, Kaneko A.
The supraorbital margin of Japanese who have no visible superior palpebral crease and persistently lift the eyebrow in primary gaze is higher and more obtuse than those who do not.
Eplasty. 2013; 13: e39.

10. Yuzuriha S, Matsuo K, Fujita K.
Lateral vermilion border transposition flap to correct vermilion deformities with unilateral or bilateral cleft lip.
J Plast Surg Hand Surg. 2013; 47: 118-22.

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