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E-brochurePlastic and Reconstructive surgery

Master's Program Human Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine
Doctor's Program Medical Science Division, Department of Medical Science, Graduate School of Medicine, Science and Technology

Staff List

Professor YUZURIHA Shunsuke
Senior Assistant Professor TSUNEKAWA Kazuhiro
Assistant Professor NAGAI Fumio, YANAGISAWA Daisuke, SHIGEYOSHI Yusuke, ICHINOSE Yuko


E-mail : keisei(at)
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Summary of Activity

Plastic and reconstructive surgery is the study which searches for the way by which restores functionally and aesthetically the loss of tissue which has caused by congenital anomalies, injuries and tumor removals. In all medical departments, only our department creates the shape by surgery for treatment. A study and education are being perfomed, which are directly conjugated to clinical treatment by improving visual appearance, a decline of the function and the quality of life.

Research Subject

  • ・Clinical research of cleft lip and palate, vascular anomaly
  • ・Research of facial anthropometry in Japanese
  • ・Research for new wound healing by transplanting isolated mitochondria, analyzing mechanism of regeneration of wounded newts (Cynops pyrrhogaster)
  • ・Basic and clinical research for severe nail deformity, lip reconstruction and regenerative treatment
  • ・Research for new blood flow monitoring using laser speckle flowgraphy

Outlook for Research

Knowing the standard of Japanese each facial part can give an ideal face to every patient with various facial deformities. It is impossible to reconstruct the loss of lip and fingers/toes completely now. We are studying from various views in order to realize the ideal treatment.

Major Publications

1. Ishii T, Takashimizu I, Casco-Robles M.M, Taya Y, Yuzuriha S, Toyama F, Maruo F, Kishi K, and Chiba C. (2021) Skin Wound Healing of the Adult Newt, Cynops pyrrhogaster: A Unique Re-Epithelialization and Scarless Model. Biomedicines

2. Hosomi K, Yusuriha S, and Yanagisawa D. (2021) Buried Patch Skin Grafting Under Granulation Flap for Impaired Wounds with Local and General Severe Complications. International Journal of Surgical Wound Care 2(4): 84-89.

3. Tsunekawa K, Kato T, Ebisawa S, Tsuzuki S, Takashimizu I, Yuzuriha S. (2021) Which plantar region can predict peripheral arterial disease by using laser speckleflowgraphy? Heart and Vessels

4. Nishioka H, Hishikawa M, Nagai F, and Yuzuriha S. (2021) Morphological Changes in Faces Depending on Posture. Facial Plast Surg

5. Tsunekawa K, Nagai F, Kato T, Takashimizu I, Yanagisawa D, and Yuzuriha S. (2021) Hallucal thenar index: a new index to detect peripheral arterial disease using laser speckle flowgraphy. Vascular 29(1): 100-7.

6. Nishioka H, Yasunaga Y, Yanagisawa D, Yuzuriha S, and Ito K. (2020) Where do you insert a drain tube during breast reconstruction? Surgery Today

7. Hosomi K, Yuzuriha S, Nagai F, and Yanagisawa D. (2020) Additional relaxing suturing using absorbable symmetric barbed sutures to help close scalp defects. Plast Reconstr Surg - Glob Open 8(3): e2568.

8. Yuzuriha S, Nagai F, and Noguchi M. (2019) How to manage disfiguring scars in involuted infantile hemangioma. Adv Wound Care 8: 221-9.

9. Nakajima Y, Yuzuriha S, Nagai F, Fujita K, and Noguchi M. (2019) Oronasal transfixion suture to prevent uplifted nasal floor deformity in cleft lip and palate patients: a 5-year follow-up. The Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal 56(3): 390-4.

10. Takashimizu I, Yuzuriha S. (2018) The amounts of melanin pigment causing color differences between the vermilion and lip mucosa. J Plast Rreconstr Aesthet Surg 71: 1816-1834.

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