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Master's Program Human Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine
Doctor's Program Biomedical Engineering Division, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Graduate School of Medicine, Science and Technology

Staff List

Professor TAKAHASHI Jun
Associate Professor TENSHO Keiji, HAYASHI Masanori, HANIU Hisao, IKEGAMI Shota(University Hospital Physical Medicine&Rehabilitation)
Senior Assistant Professor OKAMOTO Masanori, UEHARA Masashi
Assistant Professor SHIMODAIRA Hiroki, KITO Munehisa, TANAKA Atsushi


E-mail : seikei(at)
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Summary of Activity

Basic research

  • ・ Over 10 members have joined the Shinshu Univ. Biomedical Center for biomaterial research with a focus on carbon nanotubes
  • ・ Departmental collaborations at Shinshu Univ. School of Medicine to conduct research on bone, cartilage, muscle and nerve
  • ・ Collaborative research with the Institute of Fiber Engineering on spinal biomechanics
  • ・ Fiber biology, drug design for osteosarcoma, bone biology


Clinical research

  • ・ Cohort study to investigate musculoskeletal systems in the elderly
  • ・ Elucidate pathological conditions and find therapeutic strategies for extremity, spine, soft tissue and bone tumor, & osteoporosis
  • ・ Offer new treatments for elderly patients
  • ・ Show a bright future for child patients with musculoskeletal disorders
  • ・ Provide excellent quality of life (QOL) for people through sports and exercise

1. Upper Extremities Group
2. Lower Extremities Group
3. Spine Group
4. Oncology Group
5. Extemity Trauma Reconstruction Team

・Please refer to each group page
・ We tend to publish about 20 English papers per year, but we have published over 40 papers per year in recent years.

Major Publications

1. Oba H, Takahashi J, Kobayashi S, Ohba T, Ikegami S, Kuraishi S, Uehara M, Takizawa T, Munakata R, Hatakenaka T, Koseki M, Ebata S, Haro H, Matsuyama Y, Kato H. Upper instrumented vertebra to the right of the lower instrumented vertebra predicts increase in main thoracic curve after selective posterior fusion for thoracolumbar/lumbar curve in Lenke 5C adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: Multicenter study on relationship between fusion area and surgical outcome. J Neurosurg Spine. 2019 Aug 23:1-8.

2. Uehara M, Takahashi J, Ikegami S, Tokida R, Nishimura H, Sakai N, Kato H. Sagittal spinal alignment deviation in the general elderly population: a Japanese cohort survey randomly sampled from a basic resident registry. Spine J. 2019 Feb;19(2):349-356.

3. Yoshida K, Okamoto M, Sasaki J, Kuroda C, Ishida H, Ueda K, Okano S, Ideta H, Kamanaka T, Sobajima A, Takizawa T, Kito M, Aoki K, Uemura T, Haniu H, Kato H, Saito N. Clinical outcome of osteosarcoma and its correlation with programmed death-ligand 1 and T cell activation markers. Onco Targets Ther. 2019 Apr 3; 12:2513-2518.

4. Sobajima A, Haniu H, Nomura H, Tanaka M, Takizawa T, Kamanaka T, Aoki K, Okamoto M, Yoshida K, Sasaki J, Ajima K, Kuroda C, Ishida H, Okano S, Ueda K, Kato H, Saito N. Organ accumulation and carcinogenicity of highly dispersed multi-walled carbon nanotubes administered intravenously in transgenic rasH2 mice. Int J Nanomedicine. 2019 Aug 12; 14:6465-6480

5. Ikegami S, Takahashi J, Uehara M, Tokida R, Nishimura H, Sakai A, Kato H. Physical performance reflects cognitive function, fall risk, and quality of life in community-dwelling older people. Sci Rep. 2019 Aug 22;9(1):12242.

6. Tokida R, Uehara M, Ikegami S, Takahashi J, Nishimura H, Sakai N, Kato H. Association Between Sagittal Spinal Alignment and Physical Function in the Japanese General Elderly Population: A Japanese Cohort Survey Randomly Sampled from a Basic Resident Registry. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2019 Sep 18;101(18):1698-1706

7. Tensho K, Iwaasa T, Koyama S, Yoshida K, Shimodaira H, Horiuchi H, Kato H, Saito N, Fukushima N. The interrelationship between anterior cruciate ligament tibial footprint and anterolateral meniscal root insertions: Quantitative, morphological and positional analyses using three-dimensional computed tomography images. Knee. 2019 Oct;26(5):969-977.

8. Kito M, Ae K, Koyanagi H, Gokita T, Furuoka H, Okamoto M, Tanaka A, Suzuki S, Takazawa A, Aoki K, Yoshimura Y. Risk factor for wound complications following wide resection of soft tissue sarcoma in the adductor compartment of the thigh. Jpn J Clin Oncol. 2019 Oct 1;49(10):932-937.

9. Hayashi M, Kato H, Komatsu M, Yamazaki H, Uchiyama S, Takahashi J. Changes in the Functional Range of Motion of the Thumb Metacarpophalangeal Joint After Trapeziometacarpal Arthrodesis for Patients with Advanced Trapeziometacarpal Osteoarthriti. J Hand Surg Am. 2021 Nov 9: S0363-5023(21)00613-4.

10. Okamoto M, Kito M, Yoshimura Y, Aoki K, Suzuki S, Tanaka A, Takazawa A, Yoshida K, Ido Y, Ishida T, Kawasaki K, Kato H. Using the Barthel Index in assessing activities of daily living after musculoskeletal tumor surgery: a single-center observational study. Progress in Rehabilitation Medicine. 2019; Vol. 4, 20190010.

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