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With their unique situations taken into account, our faculty will accept students from all over the world and provide them with education, research, and medical activities in this excellent natural environment of Shinshu, in the hope that they will, upon completion of their studies, render great service to the medical profession, for the development and the welfare of both their homeland and the world at large.At the same time we hope that they will become a bridge between Japan and their home country.

We also promote exchanges between foreign and Japanese students. Though English is the lingua franca for research purposes, Japanese is a must for daily communication while in Japan and a great deal of effort is often required in mastering it, but when it is accomplished, firsthand experience of living and studying here will truly become complete.

Undergraduate Course

Undergraduate Course

While carrying out advanced and creative medical research, Shinshu University School of Medicine and School of Health Science aim to train clinicians, health professionals and researchers endowed with a rich sense of humanity, a broad academic outlook, and problem solving capacities. Through the advancement of education and research in medical science and medical care, we contribute to the community and play a part in furthering international exchange.

Master's Program

Human Sciences

The goal of this program is to train highly advanced specialists by creating new network among multifarious human-sciences and by producing variable human resources to contribute to the society.

Health Sciences

The goal of this program is to nurture advanced health care experts with:
・specialized knowledge and skills in the fields of health sciences, medical care, and welfare,
・the ability to implement scientific-based solutions for clinical problems, in addition to the fostering of an international worldview.

Students in this program should strive to be continuously cognizant of the individual personalities of their patients. They are also expected to contribute to society by providing viable approaches for the general maintenance of good health. More specifically, the students should be focused on the prevention and medical treatment of both diseases and physical disabilities. They should also possess advanced knowledge of all relevant medical safety procedures.

Doctor's Program

Medical Sciences

While maintaining a constant focus on human welfare and medical development and pursuing the depths of truth in medical study, we aim to produce medical researchers who engage in creative, cutting-edge research and translational research and to produce advanced medical practitioners who undertake ultra-modern medical treatments such as transplantation, regenerative medicine and gene therapy based on scientific foundations with close collaboration of basic and clinical departments.

Institute of Pathogenesis and Disease Prevention

While carrying out comprehensive analysis from the levels of genome to human society in order to understand the nature of human life, we aim to pioneer the field of comprehensive preventive medicine for disease prevention and control and health promotion based on our understanding of fundamental life phenomena and disease mechanisms.

Philosophy of each specialty before the reorganization in April,2012.

Health Sciences

This program provides students with course work in medical science, in addition to the academic study of sociology and ethics. At this stage, students pursue post-graduate studies in individual and public health care by means of interdisciplinary studies of the health sciences. In this manner, the students can make a positive contribution towards the improvement of society. They will be encouraged to support healthy lifestyles, and in so doing they will embody and employ positive approaches to disease prevention.