This Project have been completed on March , 2019.
Thank you very much for your longtime support and help on our project.

Message from Professor Yoshio Hashimoto, director


To be among the world's top level of research institutes for basic and applied science of carbon

"Creating new materials" and" how to use the newly discovered material": these are the seeds from which the research method begins. Shinshu University has the seeds of carbon materials. In recent years the hidden potential of carbon has been attracting attention worldwide. This is because carbon materials can realize a variety of properties ranging from coal, nanotubes and graphene that conduct electricity and heat to diamond that conducts light and heat only. Most are mechanically tough and have excellent functions that can be controlled, so it is expected that they will contribute to the creation of new industrial fields. The Institute of Carbon Science and Technology carries out many national projects, cultivating new nanocarbons, developing composite materials in combination with other raw materials and applied technologies, and in addition carries out a wide range of collaboration outside the university with industry.