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Educational Program and Curricula

 First year students at the Department of Fine Materials Engineering take courses in liberal arts and social science, basic natural science and foreign languages at Asahi Campus in Matsumoto City. In the second year, the students move to Tokida Campus in Ueda City, and study materials chemistry, materials properties, process designing, and computer simulation; all of which are indispensable for materials engineering. This is in addition to basic curricula of chemistry, physics, mathematics and foreign languages. Through experimental research of analytical chemistry, physical chemistry and materials engineering, students acquire the knowledge which allows them active participation in corporations and research institutions related to material science. Fourth year students are assigned to the research laboratories and take part in pioneering research with graduate course students under substantial supervision. Here they are required to write their bachelor theses.

 Graduates take active parts in industries and public institutions of chemistry, electronics, automobile, information, environmental, textile and medicene. More than aハ quarter of the students advance to the graduate school of the Fine Materials Engineering.