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  • The 16th International Seminar: "CAR-T therapy in Shinshu" by Dr. Shoji Saito and Dr. Timothy Wai Ho Shuen, National Cancer Centre Singapore


The 16th International Seminar: "CAR-T therapy in Shinshu" by Dr. Shoji Saito and Dr. Timothy Wai Ho Shuen, National Cancer Centre Singapore


Professor NAKAZAWA Yozo's research on CAR-T cells in the Department of Pediatrics is at the forefront of the world. CAR-T cell technology is being applied not only to leukemia but also to solid cancers, such as synovial sarcoma and lung cancer. This seminar was held upon Dr. Timothy Wai Ho Shuen (National Cancer Centre Singapore)'s visit to Shinshu University, who is one of a leading researcher in liver cancers and also a collaborator to develop CAR-T therapy for liver cancer.
 First, Dr. SAITO Shoji, a lecturer in the Department of Pediatrics, talked about the basics and clinical application of CAR-T cell technology at Shinshu University. Next, Dr. Timothy Wai Ho Shuen, a senior research fellow in National Cancer Centre Singapore) gave a lecture on the current status of liver cancer treatment in Singapore and the possibility of CAR-T therapy. In this lecture, we were able to cover everything from the basics of CAR-T therapy in the Department of Pediatrics to the cutting-edge research and clinical applications.
 This seminar was a hybrid lecture between in-person and online. More than 20 students, doctors and faculty staff gathered in Lecture Room 1, and more than 20 participated online. Many questions were posed by the participants.

 This was a precious opportunity to deepen the understanding of CAR-T cell therapy. We will continue to provide such opportunities to experience cutting-edge research from the world and expand the base of research at Shinshu University School of Medicine.

Prof. TANAKA Naoki, Director of International Relations Office and Department of Global Medical Research Promotion, Shinshu University School of Medicine




【Basic Lecture】 PiggyBac-based CAR-T therapy: from bench to bedside
Shoji Saito, MD, PhD

(Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Shinshu University School of Medicine)

【Special Lecture】 Developing next generation immunotherapies for hepatocellular carcinoma-learning from own experience of basic research, translational analysis, and clinical trials -
Timothy Wai Ho Shuen, PhD

(Senior Research Fellow, National Cancer Centre Singapore)

This webinar was recorded and is accessible to Shinshu medical students through eALPS "International Exchange and Study Abroad".



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