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The 9th International Seminar: Exchange Meeting with Hebei Medical University


 Currently, approximately 20 Chinese students are enrolled in the Shinshu University Graduate School of Medicine, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic over two years, there are still situations where they cannot return home during long vacations, join family and friends, and change their mood. There is a growing anxiety about life and employment after returning to China, and the stress of international students is increasing. Additionally, some students are still unable to enter Japan and are taking graduate school lectures online in China. To provide opportunities for international students to gather together and interact freely, we held an online exchange meeting with Hebei Medical University on March 2, 2022, as the 9th International Seminar of Shinshu University School of Medicine.
 A total of 23 people participated, including Prof. Huixian CUI and Prof. Qingbao TIAN (Hebei Medical University, concurrent collaborative professors at Shinshu University), graduate students from China, Dr. Fengming YUE (Department of Histology and Embryology, Shinshu University Institute for Biomedical Sciences), and senior doctors and researchers in Hebei Medical University who had previously studies in Shinshu University. Prof. CUI gave a lecture on the current situation of Hebei Medical University, and Prof. TIAN sent words to encourage international students. The students introduced their own research results in Shinshu University. For students who are waiting in China or who are considering studying at Shinshu University in the near future, Prof. TANAKA Naoki (International Relations Office) explained the latest information regarding entering Japan. After the meeting, the participants talked with Prof. CUI and Prof. TIAN freely in Chinese. They said that it was a lot of fun and relaxing.
 By regularly holding online exchange meetings that bring together international students and faculty members in charge of international exchange at both schools, we would like to strengthen the satellite office function and further activate student/researcher exchanges.


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