TEDxShinshuUniversity held on November 4, 2017
The mission was not only to spread the ideas "From Shinshu to the World", but to create a platform where ideas from Shinshu meet and new ideas are created.
This was the 3rd TEDxShinshuUniversity event since 2015. In 2017, Professor Endo Morinobu from Shinshu University, an astronomy educator, a modern artist, and a junior high school student activist
shared their unique ideas on the stage. Approximately 100 participants gathered together and exchanged their ideas.TEDxShinshuUniversity_20171104.jpgのサムネイル画像
All talks are now available for viewing on YouTube at the URL listed below. They are in Japanese.
Hidehiko Agata「なぜ、人は宙(そら)に惹かれるのか? -宇宙原理と人間社会- 」
Masaki Ide「大好きな町のためにできること」
Miwa Komatsu「YAMATO POWER TO THE WORLD 〜大和力を世界へ〜」
Morinobu Endo「ナノカーボンの世紀を拓く 」
For more information, please visit TEDxShinshuUniversity's website.