日時:2017年1月23日(月) 13:00〜17:30

Nano-agri Symposium 2017 in NAGANO.pdf

Nano-agri Symposium 2017 in Nagano

< Program > Chair : Prof. Takuya Hayashi
13:00~ Registration
13:20~ Opening address Distinguished Professor Morinobu Endo
13:30~ ① Key Note Prof. Akira Isogai : The University of Tokyo
     "TEMPO-oxidized cellulose nanofibrils as new bio-based nanotemplates"
14:00~ ② Key Note Prof. Mauricio Terrones : The Pennsylvania State University
     "Graphane-based materials from Natural Waste Products and Their Multifunctional Applications"
14:30~ ③ Key Note Prof. P. M. Ajayan : Rice University
     "Engineered 2D materials for energy applications"
15:00~ < Coffee Break >
15:30~ ④ Invited talk Dr. Toshimitsu Hata : Kyoto University
     "Carbonized Japanese Cedar as catalyst material for fuel cells"
16:00~ ⑤ Invited talk Prof. Feng Wang : Beijing University of Chemical Technology
     "Nature-Inspired Hierarchical Porous Carbons: Design, Synthesis and Applications"
16:30~ ⑥ Report Prof. Bunshi Fugetsu : The University of Tokyo
    "Cellulose nanofiber backboned water-insoluble Prussian blue nanoparticles
         as powerful adsorbents for the selective elimination of radioactive cesium"
17:00~ ⑦ Report Prof. Morinobu Endo : Shinshu University
     "Wrap-up of Nano-Agri Project"
17:20~ Closing address Prof. Yoshio Hashimoto : Shinshu University, Institute of Carbon Science and Technology
17:30~ Reception  Venue: International Center for Science and Innovation 3F Fee:2,000

Organizer :Shinshu University, Institute of Carbon Science and Technology Research Center for Nano-agri consortium

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