Guidance Given to 2019 Spring New International Students

  On Monday, April 1st, 2019, the guidance was given to undergraduate, graduate students, exchange students and Japan Studies Intensive Program students, welcoming about 100 new students from around the world.
  Professor Hirano, Trustee and Vice president and Professor Tanaka, Director of Center for Global Education and Collaboration and Vice president of Shinshu University, welcomed the new entrants. Teachers and staff of the Center for Global Education and Collaboration gave an introduction of studying and student life at Shinshu University, explained the Japanese language classes and talked about job hunting in Japan. Information about health maintenance and counseling was announced by Shinshu University Center for Health Safety and Environmental Management as well.

  Being excited and a little nervous at the same time, up-and-coming students from Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, China, Taiwan, U.S.A, Brazil, Australia the Netherlands, Italy, France, Belgium, Russia, and Uzbekistan, just have started their new life at Shinshu University. Detailed breakdown of the Exchange Students and Japan Studies Intensive Program Students from our partner universities around the world is as follows:
Oklahoma State University (U.S.A):1
The Federal University of Paraná (Brazil):1
Curtin University (Australia):1
University of Lille (France):2
University of the Littoral Opal Coast (France): 2
KU Leuven (Belgium):1
Zuyd University (the Netherlands): 1
Ca' Foscari University of Venice (Italy): 5
Far Eastern Federal University (Russia):1
Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages (Uzbekistan):1
Tonji University (China):1
Southwest University (China):1
Lanzhou University (China):1
Soochow University (China):1
Taiyuan University of Technology (China):1
Zhejiang Sci-Tech University (China):1
Donghua University (China):1
Feng Chia University (Taiwan):1
Kwangwoon University (Korea):8
Soongsil University (Korea):2
Dankook University (Korea):5
Chungnam University (Korea):1
Sejong University (Korea):4
Chulalongkorn University (Thailand):1
Naresuan University (Thailand):1
FPT University (Vietnam): 8
  We would appreciate everybody's kind support throughout their stay at our university (GEC).