On seeing an apple fall from a tree, Sir Isaac Newton discovered the law of universal gravitation. Johannes Kepler observed the stars and discovered his laws of planetary motion. Like these men, we study the field of physics in order to understand nature and to clarify the laws that lie hidden within diverse natural phenomena occurring around us. Each and every natural phenomenon, from a small elementary particle to the enormous universe, is an object of physics research and also forms the foundations of other natural sciences.
Students of the Department of Physics learn physics formulae through experimentation, lectures and exercises, and learn problem solving through a process of observation of natural phenomena and issues, formulation of analyses and models based on acquired knowledge, verification of hypotheses and models, and analysis of other phenomena and issues using those hypotheses and models. The Department of Physics aims to foster talented individuals, not just with a knowledge of physics but also with the ability to apply that knowledge to their unique ideas and fertile imagination. The skill of problem solving is not just limited to the discipline of physics but is something that can be used to solve a range of issues in the real world.

Teaching and Research Faculty

小竹 悟
Satoru ODAKE SOAR Professor
Mathematical Physics
川村 嘉春
Yoshiharu KAWAMURA SOAR Professor
Beyond the standard model, Supersymmetry,
Grand unification,
Superstring theory,
Extra dimensions,
奥山 和美
Kazumi OKUYAMA SOAR Associate Professor
String theory,
竹下 徹
Study of elementary particle interactions via electron-positron colliding accerelators
Search for new particles via proton-proton collider
Development of Scintillator calorimeter

Development of PET
Development of MPPC
長谷川 庸司
Yoji HASEGAWA SOAR Associate Professor
Research and development of gaseous radiation detectors
Study of CP violation in B decays
Study of data transfer via broad bandwidth network
Research and development of data aquisition system for ATLAS detector
Research and development of Muon trigger chambers and trigger logic for ATLAS detector
Study of elementaly particle physics at LHC/ATLAS experiment
加藤 千尋
Chihiro KATO SOAR Associate Professor
三澤 透
Misawa Toru SOAR
Statistical analysis of metal absorption line
Correlation between metal absorption lines and galaxies
Geometrical structure of active galactic nuclei
Search for carbon clusters in the interstellarregion
樋口 雅彦
Masahiko HIGUCHI SOAR Professor
Development of the first-principles method for condensed matters
志水 久
Hisashi SHIMIZU SOAR Associate Professor
Statistical Physics,
Computational Physics
天児 寧
Yasushi AMAKO SOAR Professor
中島 美帆
Miho NAKASHIMA SOAR Associate Professor
Magnetism in rare earth compounds,
Pressure induced superconductivity on heavy fermion system
宮丸 文章
Fumiaki MIYAMARU SOAR Associate Professor
Optical Physics