Mathematics is a beautiful science built on rigorous logic. It creates a foundation for science and technology, through the development of which it has a close mutual relationship with physics and other fields in the natural sciences. On the other hand, a knowledge of computers is also essential in this era of rapidly evolving information technology.
The Department of Mathematics offers an extension to traditional mathematics courses, including a comprehensive study of physics, computers and other topics built around mathematics. We foster talented human resources, not just with specialist knowledge but also with the ability to apply logical thinking and flexible ideas. We teach with the aim of fostering human resources able to contribute to the development of cultures, and who will serve in a range of fields in education and information industries after graduation.
The Department of Mathematics is therefore looking for students with the following characteristics: Students who are skilled in mathematics, who have a love of mathematics, who have an intense interest in mathematics and related fields, and who want to learn the power of logical thinking.

Teaching and Research Faculty

花木 章秀
Akihide HANAKI SOAR Professor
Representations and characters of association schemes,
Classification of association schemes,
Representations and characters of finite groups
沼田 泰英
Yasuhide NUMATA SOAR Associate Professor
Bijective combinatorics
和田 堅太郎
Kentaro WADA SOAR Associate Professor
Representation theory,
Hecke algebra,
Quantum group,
栗林 勝彦
Katsuhiko KURIBAYASHI SOAR Professor
Algebraic models for topological spaces,
Topology of mapping spaces,
String topology
玉木 大
Dai TAMAKI SOAR Professor
Homotopy theory and its applications
五味 清紀
Kiyonori GOMI SOAR
Quantization of field theory by using gerbe
境 圭一
Keiichi SAKAI SOAR Associate Professor
Topology of embedding spaces
一ノ瀨 弥
Wataru Ichinose SOAR Professor
The theory of partial differential equations,
Mathematical physics,
The mathematical theory of the Feynman path integral for quantum mechanics and quantum field theory
谷内 靖
Yasushi TANIUCHI SOAR Professor
Partial differential equations,
Navier-Stokes equations,
Incompressible fluid
筒井 容平
Yohei Tsutsui SOAR Assistant Professor
Kakeya conjecture,
Bochner-Riesz conjecture,
Fourier restriction,
Local smoothing conjecture,
Navier-Stokes equations,
Keller-Segel system,
Othmer-Stevens model
中山 一昭
Kazuaki NAKAYAMA SOAR Associate Professor
Fluid dynamics,
Interface dynamics,
Information theory
乙部 厳己
Yoshiki Otobe SOAR Associate Professor
Stochastic partial differential equations,
Mathematical foundations for statistical physics,
Field theory,
Infinite dimensional analysis,
Differentiable dynamics,
Information theory
謝 賓
Bin XIE SOAR Associate Professor
Theory of probability,
Stochastic analysis,
Stochastic partial differential equations
佐々木 格
Itaru SASAKI SOAR Associate Professor
Spectral analysis of quantum field models