Come and study in nature-rich Nagano. We have already prepared the perfect study environment for you, utilizing many diverse materials. The study of geology provides all the necessary information for thinking about the future of our irreplaceable planet as it clarifies the Earth's past and looks at the Earth's present. We have to increase our knowledge of the Earth if we are to tackle global issues like achieving environmental conservation while securing the necessary resources for protecting ourselves from natural disasters like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and floods. The Department of Geology carries out education and research on the Earth's history as recorded in minerals, rocks, the Earth's layers and fossils. The curriculum includes a lot of field training that utilizes the benefits of Nagano Prefecture, while enabling students to study the planet in a hands-on manner. Come and join us in the Department of Geology at Shinshu University and help secure the future of our irreplaceable planet.

Teaching and Research Faculty

保柳 康一
Koichi HOYANAGI SOAR Professor
Study of organic matter in the sediment andits relation to environmental change
吉田 孝紀
Kohki YOSHIDA SOAR Professor
Study of Paleozoic and Mesozoic Terranes in Japanese Islands,
Tectonics of Himalaya and Tibet orogenic system related climate change,
Paleoweathering in Neogene sediments in Japanese Islands,
Paleoenvironmental reconstruction in Permo-Triassic sequence around Tethys Ocean
山田 桂
Katsura YAMADA SOAR Senior Professor
Past climate change,
Sea-level change,
Chemical analysis of ostracode shells
常盤 哲也
Tetsuya TOKIWA
牧野 州明
Kuniaki MAKINO SOAR Professor
Texture variation (spherulite, microlite, perlite) in Obsidian and rhyolite,
Ejecta of the Ontake 2014 eruption,
Iridescence of feldspar, garnet, pyroxene, obsidian and opal,
Effect of F, Cl and OH on cation distribution in amphibole and biotite
Biological apatite
齋藤 武士
Takeshi SAITO SOAR Associate Professor
Magnetic petrology of volcanic materials,
Monitoring of active volcanoes,
Paleomagnetism and rock magnetism of varying volcanic materials,
Archeomagnetic study of ancient settlements
大塚 勉
Tsutomu Otsuka SOAR Professor