Introduction to the Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering at Shinshu University is located in the rich natural mountainous environment of Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture.
In 1998, the 18th Winter Olympic Games and the 7th Winter Paralympic Games were held, so the name "Nagano" is known worldwide.

Nagano has a long history and is a favorite spot for tourists. Many foreign tourists come to see the 1400 year old national treasure "Zenkoji" temple and the snow monkeys who enjoy bathing in hot springs.

Also, the cool and rich natural environment is a prime place for research. We are leading the world with our research project on the creation and applications of exotic nanocarbons for which we invited distinguished researchers from around the world.

In other research, we have many joint research projects with industry which will be of benefit to society such as geothermal air-conditioning systems and growth and mass production of single crystal sapphire and silicon for use in LEDs and solar panels.

We provide an environment so that researchers can concentrate on stimulating research. Widen your possibilities in Shinshu.

Introduction to the Faculty of Engineering

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In this faculty, we make the best use of individuality in a wonderful natural environment and strive to produce creative individuals who possess a wide range of technical knowledge grounded in fundamentals.

Furthermore, we produce individuals who contribute to human society with a deep interest in the harmony between engineering and the environment, and who can also adapt to internationalization and to the interdisciplinary research and development in today's highly technical society.


In this faculty, we emphasize fundamental academic ability while building on a base of specialized knowledge and interdisciplinary study. We educate students to be creative and to search for new problems to solve, in addition to nurturing fundamental knowledge in information technology and practical skills. Also, we produce individuals with the necessary activity and independent thinking to contribute to various fields by having an ethical mind toward environmental protection and an international perspective.

The role of the Faculty of Engineering

It is not an overstatement to say that Japan, which is a small country with few natural resources, has achieved prosperity for more than 100 years by incorporating foreign technology into domestic industries, then processing imported raw materials into high value products for export.
The importance of universities and especially the Faculty of Engineering, which supplies talented engineers for industry, cannot be forgotten.
However, since Japan has become one of the major economic and manufacturing powers in the world, it is clear that future prosperity cannot be achieved using the same process of introducing foreign technology then copying and improving it.
Therefore, from now on it is necessary for us to develop our own technology based on original ideas in order to lead the world.
The role of the Faculty of Engineering is to educate engineers and researchers with the originality to adapt to the latest in high technology.
The role of the Faculty of Engineering


This faculty was created in May 1949 along with Shinshu University from Nagano Technical College located in Nagano City, with the purpose of aiding to resurrect Japan into an industrial nation and of providing workers for Nagano Prefecture's industries, which were created in Okaya and Kami Suwa during the factory evacuation in World War II.
At first, there were four departments: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Communications Engineering (later renamed Electronics Engineering) and Civil Engineering. Later, the departments of Industrial Chemistry, Precision Engineering, Synthetic Chemistry, Information Engineering and Architecture were added for a total of 9 departments. In 1967, a Master's program was created to provide high level education for engineers and researchers. In 1989, the 9 departments were reorganized into 5 departments and in 1998, the department of Environmental Science and Technology was formed. In 2008, the faculty was reorganized into the present 7 departments.
In addition, in 1991, the Engineering Graduate School was reorganized to create a Doctoral program with roots in the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Textile Science and Technology. The university could now grant Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees and became a true highest institute of learning.


The Faculty of Engineering at Shinshu University is located in approximately the center of Nagano City, which is the capitol of Nagano Prefecture. To the south of the campus runs the Sai river and on the other side is Kawanakajima, which is the site of a famous historical battle between two warlords. A little to the north of the campus lies the famous temple Zenkoji. If you look from the sports field on campus, you can see the ski meccas of Shigakogen and Sugadaira in the mountains to the east, Togakushi, the home of Ninja arts, in the beautiful mountains to the north and the peaks of UshiroTateyama, the dream of men, to the far west.