The 7th International Conference on Matrix Analysis and Applications (ICMAA 2018)
June 22-25, 2018, to be held at
Shinshu University, Nagano-Engineering Campus that is located in Nagano Prefecture, Japan


This meeting aims to stimulate research and interaction of mathematicians in all aspects of linear and multilinear algebra, matrix analysis, graph theory, and their applications and to provide an opportunity for researchers to exchange ideas and developments on these subjects. The previous conferences were held in China (Beijing, Hangzhou), United States (Nova Southeastern University), Turkey (Selcuk University, Konya), and Vietnam (Duy Tan University, Da Nang). Former keynote speakers are Roger Horn, Richard Brualdi, Chi-Kwong Li, Steve Kirkland, Alexander A. Klyachko (ILAS guest speaker), Shmuel Friedland, and Man-Duen Choi.

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Remark: The following matrix and operator meetings will be held in the summer of 2018.


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