Sourovi Zaman


From-          Bangladesh

PhD Student

Read books, music, travell, sports and play with my daughter.

Do a higher study & research,
* To devote my research for development of Bangladesh forest condition
* To contribute to progress the lifestyle of Bangladeshi village women
* lead a nice family life.

To be fool, snake and ghost.

Favorite foods-  
Bangladeshi foods, Japanese tenpura, udong, nabe etc, pasta, cake and chocolate.

Favorite tree and flower-  
Chatim, Krisnochura, Kadam

Red rose

Master thesis

Analysis The Damage of Komagane Forest Caused by Red Pine Beetle Using GIS in Komagane City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.


PhD Thesis
Present status and changes in tropical moist deciduous forest in Bangladesh- a case study in Thakurgaon.