i lstnevE ffo-enOretsemeSeht gnirud semTareveSCollaborating Institutions:Faculty of Medicine, Diponegoro University, IndonesiaFaculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, Thailand• The entire first-year cohort at Shinshu University School of Medicine participated in this COIL program (directed by Prof. Naoki Tanaka), which is part of the internationalization of the School’s curriculum.• The 120 first-year medical students were divided into 18 groups, each of which also included students from Diponegoro University and Mahidol University.• In a total of 4 sessions, students focused on how they had been affected by COVID-19, discussing topics like “Changes in Medical Studies”, “Improving Online Wellbeing”, “Academic Engagement”, and “Student Liaison Activities”. They also talked about the differences between their respective cultures and their daily lives. All groups gave presentations and deepened both their knowledge of the various health systems and their understanding of cultural differences.• Our School of Medicine strives to provide an international medical education for all its students and looks forward to connecting with you.Medical School COIL project betweenJapan-Indonesia-ThailandStudent voices:Collaborating Institution: Curtin University, Australia• This special event was hosted by the GEC as part of the International Co-Learning Project.• Participants from eight countries shared their opinions about, and experiences of, climate change and its impacts. The Curtin-Team and the Shinshu-Team prepared questions for each other which were shared in advance and led to discussions on a wide range of topics such as power generation, farming methods and food waste.• Shinshu University is looking forward to future events like this one which will give us further opportunities to think about how best to protect the environment in Japan and in other parts of the world.Discussions on Climate Change withCurtin University, Australia “I’ve had so many valuable experiences thatI couldn’t have had in regular classes.”“It was a great way to learn to communicate and present in a more global way.”

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