lloC retsemeS-ll l iretsemeSeht gnirud semTsnoitarobauFareveSCollaborating Institution: Novosibirsk State University, Russia• In this online program, organised by the GEC,students from both universities delve deeper into thesubject of JAPANOLOGY on a regular basis.• Each time, the students explore various aspects of Japan’s traditional culture such as Japanese classical court music (gagaku), Noh plays, Haiku, Kimonos, the incense ceremony (kōdō), the tea ceremony (sadō), and flower arrangement (kadō).• Through this collaboration, the Russian students come into direct contact with Japanese culture while the Japanese students rediscover their own culture from the point of view of JAPANOLOGY.JAPANOLOGY Experienced withthe Five SensesCollaborating Institution: The University of Applied ForestSciences, Rottenburg, Germany• In their once-monthly sessions, Prof. Hein and Prof. Shirota encouraged their students to explore the worlds of forestry in both countries, questioning them, for example, about the effects of global warming on the vegetation.• The German and Japanese students shared their knowledge about forest management in their respective countries and gained an understanding of the similiarities and differences.• In addition to attending the meetings, participants also communicated with one another on the project’s online platform, where they could discuss more deeply and clarify questions.SU Faculty of Agriculture Connecting the Worldsof Forest Science in Germany and Japan Some of our collaborative projects

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