“We care about the future of our students and want them to face the challenges of a global society.”Nagano Prefecture /Shinshu UniversityWe are key members of a vibrant network that promotesCOIL in and outside Japan. Shinshu University has builtup an international partnership network with over 200universities and research institutes worldwide.Our experience with connecting people ranges from worldclass researchers to the pupils in our affiliated junior highschool.We have strong links with the local community and agrowing number of collaborative ventures with regionaland national industries.We are one of the most environmentally-friendlyuniversities in Japan, ranked no. 1 in the country for threeconsecutive years by the UI GreenMetric Ranking.We organize exchanges on cultural topics and teachpeople about Japanese culture and language, but alsoshare knowledge across a range of academic disciplinesin collaboration with our colleagues in the University’ svarious Faculties and Schools (Agriculture · Arts ·Economics & Law · Education · Engineering · Medicine · Science · Textile Science and Technology)Why do COIL with us?

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