先端疾患予防学部門バイオテクノロジー・生体医工学部門神経難病学部門代謝ゲノミクス部門部門構成Departments バイオメディカル研究所Institute for Biomedical Sciences [IBS]Department of InterdisciplinaryGenome Sciences and Cell MetabolismDepartment of Biological Sciences forIntractable Neurological DiseasesDepartment of Advanced Medicine for Health PromotionDepartment of Biotechnology and Biomedical EngineeringIn this Institute, which is located in Nagano Prefecture, the No.1 prefecture in Japan for healthy longevity and which is blessed with its distinctive rich nature, we organically fuse in an inter-disciplinary manner the unique biological sciences and medical research accumulated in Shinshu University to date. We promote research through 4 departments, namely, Advanced Medicine for Health Promotion based on comprehensive preventative medicine and advanced medical treatment; Biological Sciences for Intractable Neurological Diseases through research into amyloidosis and neurochemical disorders; Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering based on regenerative medi-cine, development of medical equipment, and nanobio-technology; and Interdisciplinary Genome Sciences and Cell Metabolism in which health is comprehensively analyzed through diet, environment, and genome. Through these researches we aim to produce Shinshu University’s original biological sciences and medical innovation to contribute to the ultra-aged society and sustainable development.特色ある豊かな自然に恵まれ、我が国トップの健康長寿県である長野県に位置している本研究所では、信州大学でこれまでに蓄積してきたユニークな生命科学・医学研究を有機的・学際的に融合します。すなわち、包括的予防医療・先端的医療を基盤とする先端疾患予防学、アミロイドーシス・神経化学的研究を行う神経難病学、再生医療・医療機器開発・ナノバイオテクノロジーを基盤とするバイオテクノロジー・生体医工学、健康を食・環境・ゲノムから総合的に解析する代謝ゲノミクスの4つの部門で研究を推進します。これらの研究により、超高齢化社会を牽引し、持続的な発展に貢献する信州大学独自の生命科学・医学イノベーションを目指します。• 医学と農学の英知を結集した独自の生命科学・医学研究を 推進し、超高齢化社会に貢献• セクショナリズムを廃した分野横断的融合により、プロジェクト 主導の流動的な組織を構築• 研究所間連携・大学間連携・産学官連携・国際連携研究を 重点強化• 若手研究者(ライジングスター)を育成し、世界と戦う スーパースターを輩出• To promote original biological sciences and medical research that combines the best knowl edge of medicine and agriculture• To construct project-led exible organizations by eliminating sectionalism and promoting cross-sectoral fusion• To emphasize and strengthen collaboration between research institutes, collaboration between universities, collaboration with industry, and international collaborative research• To nurture young researchers (rising stars) and produce superstars that can hold their place in the world研究所概要 Overview研究所の目標 Vision2

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