25先輩からのメッセージMessages from International Students Studying at Shinshu University出身:フィリピンPhilippines出出身:ポーランドPoland出身:ベルギーBelgium出身:ポーランドPoland身:ベルギーelgium出ヘーゼル シルベリオ さんHAZEL SILVERIO人文学部(人文学科)3年Faculty of Arts(Department of Arts) /3rd year長野県は、基本的に自然や落ち着くような景色に囲まれているので、都会とは違う日本のこの側面を経験しながら、勉強に集中したいと思う人にとって良いでしょう。外国での一人暮らしはおそらくわからないことがたくさんあるかもしれないけれど、信州では詳しく教えてくれる人はどこにでもいますので、安心することができます。なお、国籍を問わずお祭り及びイベント等に参加する楽しみもあるので、色んな国の人と会う機会もあります。Nagano Prefecture is surrounded primarily by nature and scenery which is the perfect environment if you are interested in experiencing this other side of Japan while concentrating on your studies. Living alone abroad may be overwhelming but the people in Shinshu are always ready to lend a helping hand. They also host festivals and events throughout the year which is a great opportunity to get to know people from other parts of the world as well. クロノウスキー ウィクター フィリップ さんKLONOWSKI WIKTOR FILIP工学部(情報工学科)2年Faculty of Engineering (Department of Computer Science and Engineering) /2nd year日本に来てから、もう2年以上になりますが、信州大学に入学してから、生活はほんとうに楽しくなりました。先生方は優しくて、いつでも勉強で頼れるし、事務室の方はいい人たちなので、何でも相談できます。他の留学生、クラスメートやクラブ活動でいっぱい友達を作れます。そして、一昨年、東京に住んでいたので、長野県は東京より大変楽しいと思います。人は多くありませんが、自然な山に恵まれ、魅力のあるところです。皆さんも信州で大学生活を楽しんでみませんか?It has been more than 2 years since I came to Japan, but only after entering Shinshu University did I really start to enjoy living here. All the teachers are understanding and willing to help with studies. Also, everyone in the office is very helpful and you can ask for advice about anything. You get the opportunity to make friends with other international students as well as classmates and people from extracurricular activities. During the previous year I have been living in Tokyo and I can say that the Nagano Prefecture is much more enjoyable. There are not so many people there, but you can still see a lot of tourist attractions while living surrounded by pristine mountains. Why not enjoy your university life at Shinshu?ソメン リーヴェン さんSOMMEN LIEVENグローバル教育推進センター(日本語・日本文化研修留学生)Global Education Center (Japanese Studies Student)信州は自然が豊富で、絶景に溢れます。放課後、帰り道で松本周囲の山脈を見るたびに、癒されます。松本市の方も静かで、とても住みやすいところです。そして、信州大学は満喫した留学生活にちょうどいい大学です。留学生を支えてくれる信州大学グローバル教育推進センターの人たちは、困った時にいつも相談に乗ってくれます。日本語を勉強したいという方には信州大学が本当にお勧めです。日本人とやりとりをする機会がたくさんあるので、日本語能力が自然的にどんどん上達していきます。留学生向けの言葉教育と文化理解教育は刺激を与えて、いろいろと私たち留学生を成長させます。信州大学には、色々な国から来た留学生が集まるので、日本人の友達だけでなく、世界中の友達が作れます。それこそが留学の本当の意義なのではないでしょうか。多文化共生に興味をお持ちの方、信州大学に留学してみませんか。Shinshu is rich in nature, and as such has plenty of beautiful vistas and sights to see. Every time I walk home from the university, I find myself being relaxed by the sight of the mountains surrounding Matsumoto. The city itself is pleasant to live in. Furthermore, Shinshu University is the perfect place to have an enjoyable exchange student experience. The university features a center that supports all foreign exchange students, that will gladly come to their aid whenever they have a problem to deal with. I can greatly recommend this university to anyone who wishes to study Japanese, as this campus is filled with Japanese students willing to engage you in a Japanese conversation, which will greatly increase your language ability before you even know it. It also features an array of classes meant for foreign students, concerning both the Japanese language and multiculturalism. These classes do a great job of making us grow as people. Exchange students from all over the world gather here in Matsumoto, which allows you to not only make plenty of Japanese friends, but friends from all over the rest of the world as well. I personally believe the true value of an exchange program lies one's ability to make contact with cultures from around the globe, and Shinshu provides ample opportunity to do so. If you have any interest at all in experiencing new and exciting cultures, Shinshu University is the place for you.グエン トゥエト フーン さんNGUYEN TUYET PHUONG経法学部(応用経済学科)1年Faculty of Economics and Law(Department of Applied Economics)/1st year信州大学は自然に囲まれて、毎日すっきりした気持ちで勉強に頑張れると思います。先生は熱心で分からないことがあったら、何回も説明してくれて、優しい方がたくさんいます。時間がなくてもメールで問い合わせて勉強面ではすごく好都合です。それに、信州ではいろいろな祭りやイベントがあって、勉強だけでなく友達になれる機会がたくさんあります。また、文化交流を通して、想い出がいっぱいある青春を過ごせます。ぜひ、信州大学に入ってください。(^_-)-☆Shinshu University is surrounded by a lot of beautiful nature. I feel refreshed and I can work hard at my studies. All the professors and students are helpful. They will explain over and over again if I have a question. I am grateful that I can ask something via e-mail if I don’t have enough time to visit the professors in their offices. Besides, there are various festivals and events in Shinshu. You will have plenty of opportunities to make friends. You can spend your youth filled with memories through cultural exchanges. Please come to Shinshu University (^_-)-☆01message02message出身:べトナムViet Nam03message04message出05


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