JABEE accredited program
The Department of Fine Materials Engineering program has been accredited by JABEE (Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education) on March 2003, after a thorough evaluation, in the Chemical and Chemistry-Related Engineering Field (Chemical Engineering Course). Our department is one of only 8 departments that has so far been accredited in this field.

Accreditation System for Engineering Education in Japan

An introduction of JABEE:
Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE) is a professional accreditation system whereby an outside organization can fairly evaluate whether programs in engineering education conducted by institutions of higher education such as universities reach the levels expected by society and accredit those programs that reach such levels.
Established on November 19, 1999, the Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE) is a nongovernmental organization that examines and accredits programs in engineering education in close cooperation with engineering associations and societies.@

The Washington Accord and JABEE:
The activites of JABEE includes establishing an accreditation system, communicating and exchanging information with Washington Accord signatories. JABEE is presently aiming to be a full member of the Washington Accord. The Washington Accord is an agreement between the bodies responsible for accrediting professional engineering degree programs in each of the signatory countries. It recognizes the substantial equivalency of programs accredited by those bodies, and recommends that graduates of accepted programs in any of the signatory countries be recognized by the other countries as having met the academic requirements for entry into the practice of engineering.

The education program at Fine Materials Engineering:
A student that has graduated from the ‚i‚`‚a‚d‚d accredited progam is objectively certified that the person has recieved high-quality fundamental and engineering education. The education program at the Department of Fine Materials Engineering is based on the ideology of "Engineering for Sustainable Society". A rich foundation in the field of materials chemistry at the Faculty of Textile Science and Technology allows a prosperous background for a distinguished education program for chemical engineering.

Fine Materials Engineering
Feb 2003