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Company Asahi Kasei to operate a smart laboratory ASAHI KASEI ASAHI KASEI smart laboratory, Materials informatics, MI, automated examination, automated equipment, synthesis, evaluation, computational-chemistry View details
Company Toyobo produces nonwovens using discarded carbon fibres. January,2022 TOYOBO TOYOBO nonwovens, discarded carbon fibres, recycling, discarded CFRP, thermoplastic composites, car interiors View details
Company Toray to boost production of carbon fibres for wind-turbine blades by 25%. January,2022 TORAY TORAY carbon fibres, wind-turbine blades View details
Company Teijin develops recycling technology for para-aramid filament yarn. January,2022 TEIJIN TEIJIN recycling technology, Twaron filament yarn, Twaron, recycled filament yarns View details
Company Mitsubishi Chemical uses fishing nets for new nylon filament yarn. January,2022 MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL fishing nets, nylon filament yarn, KILAVIS RC, REAMIDE, upcycling, reduce CO2 emissions View details
Company Unitika develops new nylon 6 resin. January,2022 UNITIKA UNITIKA nylon 6 resin, nanocellulose, CNF View details
Company Mitsubishi Chemical has developed new carbon fiber prepreg. August,2021 MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL carbon fiber, prepreg, cyanate ester, CFRP View details
Company Toray has developed CO2 separation membrane. August,2021 TORAY TORAY CO2 separation membrane, natural gas, biogas View details
Company Unitika Trading’s new nonwoven to help workers in medical services. August,2021 UNITIKA UNITIKA moisture transmittable nonwoven, medical isolation gowns View details
Company Toyobo has developed anti-germ and anti-virus polyester nonwoven. August,2021 TOYOBO TOYOBO anti-virus polyester nonwoven, anti-germ, anti-virus, automobile interiors View details
Company Asahi Kasei awarded the OK biodegradable MARINE. August,2021 ASAHI KASEI ASAHI KASEI biodegradable, cotton linter, sustainable, absorbs, keeps liquid, mask View details
Company Kuraray Trading announces their success in developing an impact absorbing material. August,2021 KURARAY KURARAY impact absorbing material, styrene thermoplastic elastomer View details
Company Unitika Trading has developed new eco-friendly polyester filament. August,2021 UNITIKA UNITIKA eco-friendly, polyester filament, cationic dye, CO2, chemically recycled View details
Company Teijin Frontier’s new technology to mass produce Nanofront made from recycled polyester. August,2021 TEIJIN TEIJIN Nanofront, recycled polyester, ultra-fine polyester nanofiber, nanofiber View details