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Company Asahi Kasei clarified the mechanism of cooling stocking.November,2020 ASAHI KASEI ASAHI KASEI cooling stocking, fluid dynamics, cooling functions, global warming View details
Company Toyobo supplies antivirus materials.November,2020 TOYOBO TOYOBO antivirus, influenza virus, norovirus, anionic functional groups View details
Company Teijin Frontier developed antibacterial piezoelectric fibres.November,2020 TEIJIN TEIJIN antibacterial piezoelectric fibres, antibacterial agents, COVID-19 View details
Company Mitsubishi Chemical is developing anti-COVID-19 products successively.November,2020 MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL COVID-19, polyethylene nonwovens, 3D printing technology, face screens, antivirus agents View details
Company Seiren launched a new line of anti-virus products.November,2020 SEIREN SEIREN BYERUS, COVID-19, a high-performance mask, antivirus, comfortable View details
Company Unitika announced their success in developing “Made with Sorona Polymer”.November,2020 UNITIKA UNITIKA PALPA, Sorona polymer, wrinkle resistance, water absorbency, quick dry, static electricity control View details
Company Toray uses more plant-based raw materials to artificial leather.November,2020 TORAY TORAY artificial leathers, plant-based raw materials, electronic vehicles View details
Company Kuraray supplies new products for new normal lifestyle.November,2020 KURARAY KURARAY with corona, masks, face screens, shielding boards, signage tapes, social distancing, depressurized tents View details