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  • SCIENCES of REPRODUCTION and DEVELOPMENT 2023: joint teaching activities for PhD students with the University of Trieste, Italy


SCIENCES of REPRODUCTION and DEVELOPMENT 2023: joint teaching activities for PhD students with the University of Trieste, Italy


  Shinshu University School of Medicine and the Institute for Biomedical Sciences have developed a close partnership with the University of Trieste (UniTS) in Italy over the years. It has led to successive academic events and our 3rd-year PhD intensive program in Sciences of Reproduction and Development was held online on September 15, 2023.
  The program started with opening remarks from Professor Gabriele Stocco (UniTS), a specially appointed professor at the Institute for Biomedical Sciences, Shinshu University and then Professor TANAKA Naoki (Department of Global Medical Research Promotion) gave his lecture entitled "Agricultural foods from green Shinshu for preventing obesity and fatty liver disease". Furthermore, Professor MASUKI Shizue (Department of Sports Medical Sciences, Institute for Biomedical Sciences) gave her lecture entitled "Effects of milk product intake during aerobic exercise training for preventing heat illness and lifestyle-related diseases". Fifty-two graduate students and researchers joined this seminar, and participants from both universities asked many questions and discussed actively.
  This PhD intensive program has also broadened horizons of our medical students. Mr. KAWASHIMA Daichi and Mr. NAOE Shogo, 5th-year medical students, are currently visiting Dr. Stocco's lab on a basic research training program and took advantage of participating in this PhD program with their Italian lab mates. Mr. KAWASHIMA and Mr. NAOE exposed to various medical research projects at the UniTS and Shinshu University and has found the joy of research.
  We are looking forward to broadening the scope of our research activities through both online meetings and in-person exchanges of visiting researchers. We will continue to organize interactive PhD programs and further promote joint research and student/researcher exchanges with the UniTS.

Prof. TANAKA Naoki, Department of Global Medical Research Promotion and Director of International Relations Office

This webinar was recorded and is accessible to Shinshu medical students on eALPS "International Exchange and Study Abroad".

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