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  • The 19th International Seminar: Crisis Management Aiming for Safe Study Abroad


The 19th International Seminar: Crisis Management Aiming for Safe Study Abroad


 Shinshu University School of Medicine will dispatch fifth-year medical students overseas in the spring of 2023. On the other hand, there is a possibility of theft, disaster, and disease while studying abroad. In order for the dispatched students to stay safe at their destination and return home safely, it is necessary to ensure that they learn how to avoid and respond to crises.
 On February 22, 2023, Mr. YAMAGISHI Yu in JCSOS (Japanese Council for the Safety of Overseas Students) was invited as a lecturer and taught us how to deal with troubles during studying abroad, including case studies. He gave me practical advice, such as researching the police phone number and how to reissue passports and credit cards in advance and making sure to submit a residence notification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Approximately 15 people participated in this seminar, including not only students who plan to study abroad this spring, but also their families and students who are thinking of studying abroad in the future. They learned the essentials of crisis management when studying abroad.
 The Shinshu University School of Medicine places the highest priority on the safety of students. We will continue to provide careful guidance and support to our students so that they can achieve fulfilling overseas medical training.



Prof. TANAKA Naoki, Director of International Relations Office, Shinshu University School of Medicine



【Lecture】Oversea Crisis Management Orientation "Aiming for Safe Study Abroad"

This webinar was recorded and is accessible to Shinshu medical students on eALPS "International Exchange and Study Abroad". Student who missed this seminar, please watch the video.


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