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  • REGENERATIVE MEDICINE: joint teaching activities for PhD students with University of Trieste, Italy


REGENERATIVE MEDICINE: joint teaching activities for PhD students with University of Trieste, Italy


 On September 15, 2021, Shinshu University School of Medicine held a joint online seminar with the University of Trieste (UniTS), our partner university since 2018.
 Prof. Gabriele Stocco (UniTS), a specially appointed professor at the Institute for Biomedical Science, Shinshu University, continues research on pediatric pharmacology using iPS cells, in cooperation with Prof. SASAKI Katsunori, Shinshu University emeritus professor and Dr. Fengming YUE (Department of Histology and Embryology, Institute for Biomedical Science). He has greatly contributed to exchange programs of students/researchers as well as research collaborations with Shinshu University School of Medicine. In this seminar, Dr. YUE talked about stem cell application for evaluating disease mechanism and efficient drugs, and Prof. SHIBA Yuji (Department of Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering, Institute for Biomedical Science) gave us an impressive talk about cardiac regeneration using iPS cells. All participants learned cutting-edge knowledge regarding stem cells, iPS cells, and organoids, and discussed actively with each speaker. Prof. TANAKA Naoki (International Relations Office) gave a closing address and both institutions closed this successful seminar, promising further collaborations.
 Shinshu University School of Medicine intends to implement this approach with UniTS and other partner universities and also to offer our students and doctors the opportunities to learn fundamental and cutting-edge knowledge of biomedical research and clinical medicine.




Joint teaching activities for PhD students
Shinshu University, Matsumoto Japan / University of Trieste, Italy
(September 15, 2021)


15:30 Opening addresses and introductions to the seminar

16:00 Stem cell application in regenerative medicine and disease model

Dr. Fengming Yue (Shinshu University)

17:00 Stem cell therapy for cardiac repair

Prof. Yuji Shiba (Shinshu University)

18:00 Organoids for pharmacological studies

Dr. Marianna Lucafò (University of Trieste)

19:00 iPSCs for pharmacological studies

Prof. Gabriele Stocco (University of Trieste)

20:00 Conclusion and closing remarks


This webinar was recorded and is accessible to Shinshu medical students on eALPS "International Exchange and Study Abroad".


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