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Memorandum of Understanding with the University of California, Davis, in the U.S.


Shinshu University established a new international partnership with the world-leading institution UC Davis on November 6th, 2018.

The MoU, conveyed in person by the distinguished professor Dr. Ralph Green, representing UC Davis, had been signed by Dr. Joanna Regulska, Vice Provost and Associate Chancellor of Global Affairs, on behalf of the Regents of the University of California. Dr. Kiyoshi Tanaka, Vice President of International Affairs and Director of Global Education Center, had the honor of countersigning for Shinshu University.

This university partnership has developed from the collaborative research and discussions among professors from UC Davis Health's School of Medicine and Shinshu University School of Medicine. As a highly respected researcher, Prof. Green was invited to speak at Shinshu University by Prof. Eiji Tanaka, Dean of Shinshu University School of Medicine, and Prof. Tatsuya Sawamura, Chairman of the Department of Physiology, who is also a research colleague of Prof. Green. Faculty, staff and students from Shinshu University listened with great interest to Prof. Green's presentations about UC Davis and his outstanding research activities.

During one of the intensive discussions held at the School of Medicine, Shinshu University professors from various research departments of the School of Medicine presented their research activities: Prof. Tomoki Kosho of the Department of Medical Genetics; Prof. Yozo Nakazawa of the Department of Pediatrics; Prof. Yoshiki Sekijima of the Department of Medicine (Neurology & Rheumatology); and Associate Prof. Naoki Tanaka of the Department of Metabolic Regulation. Prof. Green from UC Davis and professors from Shinshu University School of Medicine enthusiastically exchanged information and applauded one another's research and educational activities.

Shinshu University School of Medicine aims to contribute to the global society through advanced research and medical practices, and the pursuit of sustainable growth. The School of Medicine is sending the first group of medical students to UC Davis School of Medicine next summer, and will explore further opportunities for research collaboration and continue to promote the exchange of researchers and students. Prof. Tsuyoshi Tada, Director of the Center for Medical Education and Clinical Training, and Prof. Keiichi Higuchi, Director of the International Relations Office, School of Medicine, presided over discussions about future collaboration between the two medical schools.

On this special occasion, Associate Prof. Shigeru Katayama, representing the Faculty of Agriculture, was also invited to the discussion with Prof. Green and the School of Medicine, and he conveyed the Agriculture Faculty's strong interest in holding future discussions on expanding this university partnership with UC Davis to include agricultural and scientific fields as well. Shinshu University is committed to taking every opportunity to promote and strengthen international partnerships.


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