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The 2011 Tohoku - Pacific Ocean Earthquake Related News


Japan is faced with unprecedented triple disasters; we would like to send our condolences and sympathy to those in the hardest hit areas.  Here in Matsumoto, none of us has been seriously affected, although we still experience recurrent minor tremors. 

We are grateful that we keep receiving encouraging messages from alumni from every corner of the world.  We are also aware and thankful that the whole world is extending their helping hand to Japan and its people, which will help our nation a great deal to stand strong again. 

The following web sites mostly introduced by colleagues of international educators in Japan are listed below in the hope that visitors to this website seeking accurate information related to these recent disasters will find them useful in some way.  New sites may be added and the contents of these sites are constantly updated. Just beware of the date of the last update of each content.


・Foreign embassies in Japan
・The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Earthquake related announcements (including special measures on postponement of their visit/re-entry in multi-languages)

<Especially for foreign students living in Japan>
・The Ministry of Justice
・International Center Advising Room, Tokyo University

< Comprehensive guides for people living in Japan>
・Yahoo Japan  East Japan Earthquake
Latest information and useful links are all listed in this site (in English, Chinese, Korean version)

<Tips to be safe>
・Tokyo Fire Department  10 tips for earthquake safety in multi-languages
・Tokyo Fire Department  10 ways to prepare for an earthquake in multi-languages

<Emergency message dial>
・NTT East  How to use emergency message dial 171

<Internet radio>
・NHK Radio News
・FM Waiwai in multi-languages

<Disaster information and support in multi-languages>
・Tohoku Area Pacific Offshore Earthquake Multi-language Support Center




School of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine International Alumni-Mailing
For the alumni-mailing registration, contact



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