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Legal Medicine

Staff List

Professor ASAMURA Hideki
Assistant Professor HAYASHI Tokutaro


E-mail : houigaku(at)
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Summary of Activity

Legal Medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with the application of medical knowledge to legal problems. The department provides forensic autopsy in Nagano Prefecture and carries out scientific research in the field of forensic genetics, forensic histopathology and forensic toxicology.

Major Publications

1. Oki T, Hayashi T, Ota M, Asamura H. (2012) Development of multiplex assay with 16 SNPs on X chromosome for degraded samples. Leg Med 14(1): 11-16.

2.  Asamura H, Shiozaki T, Sato N, Hayashi T. (2012) Trial investigation of post-mortem non-invasive transnasal endoscopy. Forensic Science Int 220: 184-190.

3.  Asamura H, Oki T, Ota M, Fukushima H. (2010) Unusual body posture after death leading to signs of stangulation. Am J Forensic Med Pathol 31: 195-197.

4.  Oki T, Asamura T, Hayashi T, Ota M. (2010) Unusual intracranial stab wounds inflicted with mental tent stakes for a case involving a family murder suicide. Forensic Science Int 202: 19-21.

5.  Kitayama T, Ogawa Y, Fujii K, Nakahara H, Mizuno N, Sekiguchi K, Yurino N, Yokoi T, Fukuma Y, Yamamoto K, Oki T, Asamura H, Fukushima H. (2010) Evaluation of a new experimental kit for the extraction of DNA from bones and teeth using a non-powder method. Leg Med 12: 84-89.

6.  Asamura H, Hayashi T, Oki T, Ota M, Fukushima H. (2009) An Unusual Case of Shaken Baby Syndrome Involving a Popular Baby Chair. Res.Pract.Forens med  52: 217-220.

7.  Asamura H, Ito M, Fukushima H. (2009) An Unusual Suicide Case of the Combination of Asphyxia. Am J Forensic Med Pathol 30: 215-217.

8.  Asamura H, Fujimori S, Ota M, Oki T, Fukushima H. (2008) Evaluation of miniY-STR multiplex PCR systems for extended 16 Y-STR loci. Int J Leg Med 122: 43-49.

9.  Asamura H, Ota M, Fukushima H. (2008) Population data on 10 non-CODIS STR loci in Japanese population using a newly developed multiplex PCR system. J Forensic Leg Med 15: 519-523.

10. Asamura H, Fujimori S, Ota M, Fukushima H. (2007) MiniSTR multiplex systems based on non-CODIS loci for analysis of degraded DNA samples. Forensic Science Int 173: 7-15

11. Asamura H, Sakai H, Kobayashi K, Ota M, Fukushima H. (2006) MiniX-STR multiplex system population study in Japan and application to dengraded DNA analysis. Int J Leg Med 120: 174-181.

12. Asamura H, Sakai H, Ota M, Fukushima H. (2006) Japanese population data for eight X-STR loci using two new quadruplex systems. Int J Leg Med 120: 303-309.

13. Asamura H, Uchida R. Takayanagi K, Ota M, Fukushima H. (2006) Allele frequencies of the six miniSTR loci in a population from Japan. Int J Leg Med 120: 182-184.

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