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Laboratory Medicine

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Professor HONDA Takayuki
Associate Professor UEHARA Takeshi


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Summary of Activity

Doctor’s Program:

In this program, the goal of the students is to become a staff or a faculty of laboratory medicine with abundant scientific and management knowledge. There are many research fields in the department of Laboratory Medicine, including surgical pathology, hematology, chemistry, bacteriology and gene and chromosome examination. It is able to select a subject stretching over several research fields after consultation with the faculties.

Major Publications

1. Sueki A, Matsuda K, Taira C, Yamaguchi A, Koeda H, Takagi F, Kobayashi Y, Sugano M, Honda T : Rapid detection of PML-RARA fusion gene by novel high-speed droplet-reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction: possibility for molecular diagnosis without lagging behind the morphological analyses. Clin Chim Acta. 415:276-8, 2013

2. Uehara T, Masumoto J, Yoshizawa A, Kobayashi Y, Hamano H, Kawa S, Oki K, Oikawa N, Honda T, Ota H. IgG4-related disease-like fibrosis as an indicator of IgG4-related lymphadenopathy. Ann Diagn Pathol. 2013

3. Takezawa Y, Matsuda K, Terasawa F, Sugano M, Honda T, Okumura N. siRNA down-regulation of FGA mRNA in HepG2 cells demonstrated that heterozygous abnormality of the Aα-chain gene does not affect the plasma fibrinogen level. Thromb Res. 131(4):342-8, 2013

4. Matsumoto T, Nagata M, Ishimine N, Kawasaki K, Yamauchi K, Hidaka E, Kasuga E, Horiuchi K, Oana K, Kawakami Y, Honda T : Characterization of CIA-1, an Ambler class A extended-spectrum β-lactamase from Chryseobacterium indologenes. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 56 (1):588-90, 2012

5. Iwaya M, Uehara T, Yoshizawa A, Kobayashi Y, Momose M, Honda T, Ota H. A case of primary signet-ring cell/histiocytoid carcinoma of the eyelid: immunohistochemical comparison with the normal sweat gland and review of the literature. Am J Dermatopathol. 34(8):139-45, 2012

6. Matsuda K, Yamaguchi A, Taira C, Sueki A, Koeda H, Takagi F, Sugano M, Honda T. A novel high-speed droplet-polymerase chain reaction can detect human influenza virus in less than 30 min. Clin Chim Acta. 413(21-22):1742-5, 2012

7. Matsuda K, Ishida F, Ito T, Nakazawa H, Miura S, Taira C, Sueki A, Kobayashi Y, Honda T. Spliceosome-related gene mutations in myelodysplastic syndrome can be used as stable markers for monitoring minimal residual disease during follow-up. Leuk Res. 3(11):1393-7, 2012

8. Kubota S, Yamauchi K, Sugano M, Kawasaki K, Sugiyama A, Matsuzawa K, Akamatsu T, Ohmoto Y, Ota H. Pathophysiological investigation of the gastric surface mucous gel layer of patients with Helicobacter pylori infection by using immunoassays for trefoil factor family 2 and gastric gland mucous cell-type mucin in gastric juice. Dig Dis Sci. 56 (12):3498-506, 2011

9. Kasuga E, Kawakami Y, Matsumoto T, Hidaka E, Oana K, Ogiwara N, Yamaki D, Sakurada T, Honda T. Bactericidal activities of woven cotton and nonwoven polypropylene fabrics coated with hydroxyapatite-binding silver/titanium dioxide ceramic nanocomposite "Earth-plus". Int J Nanomedicine. 6:1937-43, 2011

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