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Associate Professor FUKUSHIMA Nanae

Summary of Activity

The purpose of our study is to clarify functional roles of the brain and the nervous system on a neuroanatomical basis. We have pursued our research mainly on cell dynamics of the neural stem cells (adult neurogensis), functionally essential neuronal population (minimum neuron number related to a specific function), and neural control of the suckling behavior. Quantification of the whole number of specific neurons is being estimated by reliable stereological techniques. Projects are also underway to reveal mechanism of spontaneous regeneration and regenerative capability of the damaged brain, particularly of the central olfactory tract.

Research Projects

The specific current research interests are as follows:
* Regenerative mechanism of the central olfactory tract
* Functional and morphological correlates of the olfactory nervous system
* Cell dynamics of the neural stem cells in the olfactory nervous system
* Determination of the functionally essential neuronal population in the nervous system
* Neural mechanism regulating breastfeeding
* Functional neural plasticity of newborn animals
* Neuroanatomical analysis of the human nervous system

Spontaneous regeneration the lateral olfactory tract (LOT).   (A) An asterisk points to the neonatally transected site of the left LOT. After removal of the right olfactory bulb (OB) at the adult stage, this rat showed normal olfactory function to avoid a repellent by sniffing. (B) FB was injected just after the LOT transection at the neonatal stage. FG was injected at the adult stage. (C) FB (+) neurons cannot be seen in the left OB, indicating complete transection of the LOT. Only FG (+) neurons can be seen in the left OB (arrows), indicating spontaneous regeneration of the LOT.

Major Publications

1. Fukushima N, Yokouchi K, Sakamoto M, Sekiguchi Y, Koike H, Kawagishi K, Moriizumi T. Analysis of spontaneous regeneration of olfactory structures with emphasis on myelination and re-innervation of cortical areas. Neurosci Lett 537: 35–39, 2013.

2. Itsubo T, Fukushima N, Kakegawa A, Yokouchi K, Kawagishi K, Kato H, Moriizumi T. Effects of repeated crush injuries on motor functional recovery of the sciatic nerve. Neurol Res 34: 908–914, 2012.

3. Sekiguchi Y, Fukushima N, Yokouchi K, Kawagishi K, Hirayama S, Moriizumi T. Functional correlation between olfaction and various sectioning of the lateral olfactory tract. Neurosci Res 73: 17–23, 2012.

4. Sakamoto M, Yokouchi K, Sekiguchi Y, Fukushima N, Kawagishi K, Kakegawa A, Sumitomo N, Moriizumi T. Re-evaluation of spontaneous regeneration of the lateral olfactory tract. Neurosci Res 68: 15–21, 2010.

5. Kawagishi K, Yokouchi K, Fukushima N, Sakamoto M, Sumitomo N, Moriizumi T: Determination of functionally essential neuronal population of the olfactory epithelium for nipple search and subsequent suckling behavior in newborn rats. Brain Res 1276: 50–57, 2009.

6. Kawagishi K, Fukushima N, Yokouchi K, Sumitomo N, Kakegawa A, Moriizumi T: Tyrosine hydroxylase-immunoreactive fibers in the human vagus nerve. J Clin Neurosci 15: 1023–1026, 2008.

7. Fukushima N, Yokouchi K, Kawagishi K, Kakegawa A, Ezawa N, Moriizumi T: Neural plasticity of neonatal hypoglossal nerve for effective suckling. J Neurosci Res 15: 2518–2526, 2007.

8. Yokouchi K, Fukushima N, Kakegawa A, Kawagishi K, Fukuyama T, Moriizumi T: Functional role of lingual nerve in breastfeeding. Int J Dev Neurosci 25: 115–119, 2007.

9. Kakegawa A, Yokouchi K, Fukushima N, Fukuyama T, Moriizumi T: Motor neurons essential for normal sciatic function in neonatally nerve-injured rats. Neuroreport 17: 1149–1152, 2006.

10. Fukuyama T, Yokouchi K, Fukushima N, Kawagishi K, Kakegawa A, Moriizumi T: Differential effects of hypoglossal and facial nerve injuries on survival and growth of rats at different developmental stages. Int J Dev Neurosci 24: 307–317, 2006.

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