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Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

Staff List

Professor IMAMURA Hiroshi
Senior Assistant Professor MOCHIZUKI Katsunori
Assistant Professor MIYAMA Hiroshi, TAKAYAMA Hiroshi, KASHIMA Yuichiro


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Summary of Activity

Tomomi Iwashita, Yukio SekiguchiResearch activities

1. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (PCPS, Hypothermic therapy)

2. Respiratory care (Mechanical ventilation, Inhaled nitric oxide, HFO, Constant flow ventilation)

3. Circulatory care (PCPS, AMI, Acute aortic dissection)

4. Neurological care (Cerebral resuscitation, Stroke)

5. Trauma (Sky, Agriculture)

6. Metabolic care (Oxygen demand, Nutrition)

Research Projects

1. Development of new devices for emergency and critical care

2. Analyses of pathological condition and development of new therapies for emergency and critical care

3. Clinical investigations to improve mortalities for emergency and critical care

Major Publications

1. Okamoto K, Hamaguchi M, Kukita I, Kikuta K, Sato T: Efficacy of inhaled nitric oxide in children with acute respiratory distress syndrome. Chest 114(3):827-833, 1998

2. Moriyama S, Okamoto K, Tabira Y, Kikuta K, Kukita I, Hamaguchi M, Kitamura N: Evaluation of oxygen consumption and resting energy expen-diture in critically ill patients with systemic inflammatory responsesyndrome. Crit Care Med 27(10):2133-2136, 1999

3. Okamoto K, Kukita I, Hamaguchi M, Motoyama T, Muranaka H, Harada T: Combined effects of inhaled nitric oxide and positive end-expiratory pressure during mechanical ventilation in acute respiratory distress syndrome. Artificial Organs 24(5):390-395, 2000

4. Okamoto K, Kukita I, Hamaguchi M, Kikuta K, Matsuda K, Motoyama T: Combination of inhaled nitric oxide therapy and inverse ratio ventilation in patients with sepsis-associated acute respiratory distress syndrome. Artificial Organs 24(11):902-908, 2000.

5. Namihira T. Katsuki S, Hackam R, Akiyama H, Okamoto K: Production of nitric oxide using a pulsed arc discharge. IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 30(5):1993-1998, 2002

6. Motoyama T, Okamoto K, Kukita I, Hamaguchi M, Kinoshita Y, Ogawa H: Possible role of increased oxidant stress in multiple organ failure after systemic inflammatory response syndrome.  Crit Care Med 31(4):1048-1052, 2003

7. Adachi N, Hirota M, Hamaguchi M, Okamoto K, Watanabe K, Naraki T, Endo F: Serum cytochrome c level as a prognostic indicator in patients with systemic inflammatory response syndrome.  Clinica Chimica Acta 342:127-136, 2004

8. Iwashita T, Koyama J, Dohgomori D, Okudera H, Hongo K, Okamoto K: Comparison of a laryngoscope and newly designed airway device for tracheal intubation: an experimental study.  Medical Postgraduates 45(2):202-208, 2007

9. Dohgomori H, Shibata M, Okamoto K: Application of normal Saline to ultrasonography as an alternative to gel for internal jugular venous cannulation.  Can J Anesth 54(3):246, 2007

10. Kikuchi1 T, Toba S, Sekiguchi1 S, Iwashita T, Imamura H, Kitamura M, Nitta K, Mochizuki K, Okamoto K:Protocol-based noninvasive positive pressure ventilation for acute respiratory failure. In submitting, 2010

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