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Kentaro Yokouchi  adapting form - tpg 2012年 (部分)

Guide Book for Faculty of Arts

This is annual guide book for introducing our faculty of arts.

・Digital version of 2021(Japanese Only)

Gude Book for Graduate School of Humanities

This is annual guide book for introducing our Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Download for PDF version

Academic Publications

Link to the contents of our academic publications, including Shinshu Study of Humanities, Study of Inland Cultures, Study of Local Brand.

Publications of Faculty of Arts and Graduate School of Humanities

Jinbun Kagaku Kenkyu

Jinbun Kagaku Kenkyu 9

This is report of studies of students in graduate school of humanities.

Digital version of Jinbun Kagaku Kenkyu 9

  Note: This is unfortunately unavailable in iPhone and iPad.

Jinbun Kagaku Kenkyu 10(PDF)


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