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Kentaro Yokouchi  Book - CHRI CEA 2008年 (部分)

Basic Ideas

Our graduate school of humanities aims to find out a "method of new science" that enables one to survive in this difficult period with various cultural conflicts. In concrete, the method of new science should be for creating a compass for elucidating the root of confusing problems of nowadays by creative, logical thinking together with scientific analysis. We educate students to master skills of mental flexibility, multiple analysis, and communication.
Seminars of our graduate school of humanities are made of small groups, where students find out their own research targets and progress to examine the theme under the guidance of Professors of their departments. As the result, they complete their M A theses that fulfill conditions required by each department.

Our Educational Research Goals

Students should develop

1. the ability to find problems in their research fields through the inquiry into necessary elements related to their theme and creative and flexible thinking of them

2. the ability to analyze their topics through logical thinking and scientific researches for constructing own hypothese

3. the expression ability through practical training

4. the practical skill for finding the solution of various problems of modern society

5. the intellectual flexibility for reacting to problems of modern society in critical and creative thinking

Graduate School of Humanities

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