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Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Shinshu University, Tomoyuki Fujita

Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Shinshu University
Tomoyuki Fujita

Shinshu University, one of Japan's National Universities, is located in Nagano Prefecture, which is in the central part of Japan. The campus of the Faculty of Agriculture is located in the Minami-minowa village, which is adjacent to Ina city. This campus is approximately 200 km away from Tokyo.

The Faculty of Agriculture at the Ina campus conducts numerous educational programs: an undergraduate program is conducted by the Faculty of Agriculture's Department of Life and Agricultural Sciences; the Department of Agriculture and Department of Biomedical Engineering, Graduate school of Science and Technology, conduct Master's programs; and a Doctoral program is conducted by the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Technology.

The Faculty of Agriculture conducts scientific, practical, and ethical education and research and develops agriculture in the rich natural climate of Shinshu. We teach individuals the ability to investigate issues from a broad range of perspectives to create a sustainable society in which people and nature can coexist. The Department of Life and Agricultural Science consists of the Division of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Division of Animal Science, Division of Plant Science and Resources, and Division of Forest and Environmental Symbiosis Sciences.

There are three centers associated with the Faculty of Agriculture: the Education and Research Center of Alpine Field Science, Research Center for Instrumental Analysis, and Center for Wildlife Issues.

The Education and Research Center of Alpine Field Science incorporates both a farm and research forest, which are located in lush forests at an altitude of 770 m at the foot of the Central Alps. This expansive 53-hectare campus provides an outstanding environment for studying agriculture and conducting agricultural research. We also utilize the farmland behind the campus for a wide range of agricultural activities, including dairy farming and cultivation of flowers, fruits, rice, and vegetables. The forest beyond the center climbs up into the Central Alps' alpine zone and provides an ideal environment for studying the multifaceted functions of forests and the destruction and restoration of mountain habitats. We therefore offer unrivaled opportunities for practical, field-based education and research related to food and nature.

In recent years, the study of agriculture has increasingly become alienated from that of real world production, but we take full advantage of our location to put theory, learned through lectures and experiments, into practice in the field. We offer a fully integrated educational program that nurtures highly-specialized agriculture, food, and forestry professionals. The post-genome age could be regarded as the age of agriculture when we consider how all things such as life action and environment on the earth impacts human health. In Japan and other developed countries where food is plentiful, priorities are shifting and people are showing more interest in the impact of food on health, the quality of food is becoming more important than its quantity, and there is a growing desire in ensuring production of safe and healthy foodstuffs. The Shinshu University Faculty of Agriculture offers rich opportunities for field-based study of food and nature that nurtures life and sustains our health, and we very much hope that you will choose to join us.


Male Female Total International Students
Undergraduate 458 304 762 9
Master's program 73 42 115 6
Doctorate program 29 10 39 13
Total 560 356 916 28

As of April 1, 2016

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25 21 1 21 3 82

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