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The Faculty of Agriculture is organized into the four divisions of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Animal Science, Plant Science and Resources and Forest and Environmental Symbiosis Science as a facility for studying and conducting research on living organisms in balance with the environment, forests as human environments, and the utilization of organisms in science and technology to serve humanity.

Bioscience and Biotechnology

The Division of Bioscience and Biotechnology aims to provide education in the mechanisms governing biological phenomena, and to discover and develop safe biological resources. Students gain a basic understanding of biochemistry, molecular biology, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, food chemistry, and life science, and study biological systems of a wide range of life forms from microorganisms to higher animals and plants as a foundation for gaining broad knowledge and skills in the latest biotechnology. Through this education, we aim to nurture creative people capable of driving advances in promising growth fields such as functional foods and drug development.

Animal Science

The Division of Animal Science carries out research in the field and laboratory, aiming for environmentally sound, safe, secure and sustainable animal production and an ideal coexistence with wild animals, on a wide range of issues in farmed and wild animal functional anatomy, physiological functions, animal nutrition and feeding, animal breeding and reproduction, and animal behavior science using knowledge of basic biology such as molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology, genetics and ecology.

Plant Science and Resources

The Division of Plant Science and Resources carries out researches in the field and laboratory on environmentally sound, sustainable and safe agricultural production based on the analyses of agroecosystem functioning, improvement of farm management and agricultural marketing, development of breeding, propagation, production, utilization and quality improvement technologies for field crops, fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, and millets, and effective utilization of local resources.

Forest and Environmental Symbiosis Science

The Division of Forest and Environmental Symbiosis Science takes advantage of the bountiful nature of the Shinshu region to provide a comprehensive education in both forest and rural environments, including forest conservation and restoration, sustainable production and wise use of forest resources, improvement and development of rural environments, and the creation and sustainable utilization of green spaces. We focus on practical, field-based education that makes maximum use of campus and adjacent research forests and other resources.

Graduate school education (Master's Programs)

Department of Agricultural and Life Science, Graduate School of Science and Technology offers education and research programs to foster highly specialized engineers with broad and systematic basic academic abilities, practical skills and research and development capabilities in the areas of environmental conservation and restoration, life sciences and food production techniques for the purpose of creating an affluent society based on environmentally friendly and sustainable production required in the 21st Century.

Integrated Bioscience

This program aims to contribute to the development of society through high-level research and education in life processes from chemical and biological perspectives to nurture people capable of applying advanced skills and knowledge to life sciences, environmental science and food science and other fields.

Food Science and Biotechnology

Based on the broad knowledge and techniques concerning biotechnology, this program aims to contribute to building a sustainable society with health and longevity by nurturing human resources who elucidate biological processes at a molecular level, search for useful biofunctions, analyze functions of food resources effective in disease prevention, and develop and invent functional foods.

Bioresource Science

This program aims to contribute to the development of sustainable, eco-friendly food production processes by nurturing people capable of supporting the development of theory and technology for the establishment of innovative food production systems that incorporate bioscience into agriculture.

Environmental Symbiosis Science

Forests are vital to our survival, and have a major role to play in building the kind of sustainable society required in the 21st century. To contribute to the creation of a more prosperous human environment, we conduct comprehensive, high level research and education on the production and wise use of forest biomass resources, and on the conservation and restoration of forest and rural environments.

Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Technology (Doctor's Program)

The Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Technology, Shinshu University was established in 2005 as an organic integration of the Faculty of Agriculture, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Textile Science and Technology, and the Faculty of Science, and through a combination of science, engineering and textile sciences together with agricultural research, it aims to carry out comprehensive research into advanced sciences and technologies and to foster doctoral researchers able to carry out this work.

Associated Facilities

Education and Research Center of Alpine Field Science (AFC)

The Education and Research Center of Alpine Field Science (AFC) was established in 2002 as an education and research facility of the Faculty of Agriculture, and as an integration of Research Farms, Research Forests and the Institute for Highland and Cool Zone Agriculture. The purpose of the AFC is to offer education and research opportunities in biological production techniques and environmental management technologies as a field science center, and to offer community studies in order to extensively contribute to the development of the local community.

Division of Biotechnology in Ina, Department of Instrumental Analysis, Research Center for Supports in Advanced Science

This center is intended to support the education and research which utilizes advance analytical instruments. The center consolidates the management and operations of common equipment used in the Faculty of Agriculture.

Center for Wildlife Issues

Resolving wildlife-related issues requires a thorough understanding of the relationship between people and wildlife, and management of wild animals and their habitats based on scientific data. The training of specialists who understand the significance of biodiversity and wildlife and are versed in methods for managing wildlife to curb damage is of particular importance. Leveraging its locational advantages and intellectual resources, Shinshu University has established the Center for Wildlife Issues as the first facility nationwide dedicated to nurturing specialists in tackling such wildlife-related issues.

Exhibition Hall of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

This facility was founded in May 2007 for the purpose of organization and central management of valuable plant and animal documents and specimens. It was founded as part of the Faculty of Agriculture's 60th anniversary project and with the cooperation and support of graduates, faculty members, related enterprises and organizations, and community residents.

Frontier Agriscience and Technology Center (FAST)

The Center was established in 2011 as an education and research facility of the Faculty of Agriculture, for an effective use of achievement and knowledge which the Faculty has obtained. The organization aims at realization of continuous and advanced type agricultural and forestry industries system, as well as an excavation, incubation, and dispatch of enrichments brought by regional agriculture. Under the rich natural environment of Shinshu area, we conduct research and education programs for agriscience in food, environmental, and life to create the sustainable community where nature and people can live together.

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