2. How to Use this Website

How to Use this Website

The Explanation about this Website

This website is intended to provide information and resources to all participants in the Promotion and/or Tenure process in the Shinshu University.
Policies and guidelines governing the Promotion and Tenure process are established at many different levels within the hierarchy of the Shinshu University, from individual department-level criteria to the university-wide criteria.
This website describes from the overall picture of a tenure truck system of Shinshu University to a main point on the practical use of the institution and procedure as clearly as possible and supports institution to practical use smoothly. This website also describes the know-how in detail which preventing problems on the employment and has grown for about 100 years in USA through frequent and various issues, such as the risk of lawsuits.
This document is divided into several sections:

Sections1 describes the purpose of this document, provides a broad overview of the Project accepted in 2011 and purpose of this webpage.
Sections2 describes the contents of Support Services under this Project and summary of Application guideline.
Sections3 describes the management system of tenure truck system in Shinshu University.
Sections4 provides the information about Young Researchers.
Sections5 describes the Young Researchers Empowerment Project(2007-2011)supported by the Fund for promoting Science and Technology.
Sections6 provides the Links relevant to this Project.
Sections7 rovides the bylaws and Standard format about Procedures.
Sections7-1 describes the "Good Practice in Tenure Evaluation" which hedge unexpected trouble from happening edited by American Council on Education (ACE), American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and United Educators (UE).
Sections7-2 describes the Time Line of Promotion & Tenure Grant Process.
Sections7-3 provides the important information for Candidate about evaluations process from specific aspects of the process. This section also cites from source about policy in the overall bylaws of Shinshu University.
Sections7-4 provides the important information for Reviewers about Procedures under the overall bylaws of Shinshu University.
Sections7-5 describes the Roles and Responsibilities and Promotion & Tenure Process from the vantage points of different process constituents, from the junior faculty to the Committee in charge of evaluations and Others.
Sections7-6 provides the Standard format about Procedures.
Sections8 provides the contact information for inquiries.
Sections9 provides the information limited to the Participant of Shinshu University.

How to Use this Website

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