Division for Nano-carbon Fundamentals


Nano-carbon synthesis

  • Develop new synthesis process using cheep agricultural source and make clear special performance
  • Develop new scheme for nano-carbon synthesis controlling catalysis size or crystallinity

Structure analysis of nano-carbon

  • From TEM image of synthesized nano-carbon, atomic size structure should be estimated and compared with it's performance.
  • From results of XPS,EDS,EELS on synthesized nano-carbon, intimate morphology should be estimated and utilized to make growth model.

Investigation of new property of nano-carbon

  • From the result of PPMS and probe station, the clue for advanced properties should be obtained.
  • From the results which obtained from Cs-TEM,E-TEM,in-situ observation, new reaction scheme should be created.

Member of Basic Science Division

Takuya Hayashi
Head of Division Professor (Nano-carbon TEM anarysis)
Seiichi Taruta
Professor (Chemical analysis of nano-carbon )
Toshiaki Natsuki
Associated professor (Theoretical analysis of nano-carbon structure)
Kenji Takeuchi
Associated professor (Nano-carbon Synthesis and surface treatment)