Division for Open Advanced Research Facilities Initiative and Nanotechnology Platform


In this Division ICST's activities should be promoted and spread to out of University through collaborations with company or research institutes .

Nano-technology Platform Project

This project aims to construct national scale nano-technology platform through intimate collaboration of institutes which have advanced equipment and their dealing know how. In this project, common use of equipment will promote research speed and getting goal for participating industries, universities and governments.

Advanced Equipment Common Use Platform Creating Division

In this Division, advanced equipment in Shinshu-university will be served to use for industries and through this activities common use platform will be reinforced.

Member of Advanced Equipment Common Use and Nano-technology Platform Division

Yoshio Hashimoto
Head of Institute of Carbon Science and Technology and head of Division  (management)
Susumu Arai
Professor (support registered items)
Takuya Hayashi
Professor (assistant of management and support registered items )
Kenji Takeuchi
Associate Professor (administrator of registered equipment)