Division for Application of Carbon Materials


We focus to build new carbon composite/compound and develop new applications, and we aim to build international reading research institute through activities shown bellow.

  • Reinforcement in management system
  • Collaboration with other domestic and foreign research institute
  • Collaboration with companies for industrialization
  • Publish new research output to the world
  • Propose new plan to get found from outside

Research targets

Functional Nano-Carbon Composite /Compound Creation

Resin/rubber/nano-carbon composite creation by special mechanical process

Approach to new nano-carbon application

Application to new energy storage device
Application to electric or electronic device
Application to biological use
Behavior Analysis of nano-carbon in composite fluid

Operation Procedure

Functional Nano-Carbon Composite /Compound Creation

  • Creation of metal/nano-carbon composite for separator in fuel cell and highly electro conductive composite for electrode in Lithium ion battery.
  • Creation of resin/rubber/nano-carbon composite for sealing material and thin film device.

Approach to new nano-carbon application

Nano-carbon composite application to advanced battery system and putting practical use
Nano-carbon composite application to low energy consumption electric device or laminated electronic device.
Porous alumina naono-carbon composite application to bio medical use and application to glucose decomposer.

Member of Applied Materials Engineering Research Division

Susumu Arai
Head of division (nano-carbon composite plating)
Masato Yoshino
Professor (fluid analysis )
Liu Xiaoxi
Professor (Magnetic material application)
Eiji Itoh
Associated professor (organic electronics application)
Masakazu Kataoka
Associated professor (Biomedical application )
Noboru Nakayama
Associated professor (Metallurgical application)
Myo Than Htay
Assistant Professor
Atsuko Banba
Associated professor (Materials ceramics)
Tohru Noguchi
Special Contract Professor (rubber composite applycation)