Message from Professor Yoshio Hashimoto, director


Institute of carbon science and technology (ICST) has been renewed as an institute of Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research, Shinshu University. ICST conducts researches for creation of new carbon materials and superb applications of those materials. We have experienced several research projects including dream team project for "Exotic nano carbons". ICST has been founded by Special Contract Professor M. Endo some 10 years ago. Then the main aim of the institute was a promotion of researches among many researchers within Shinshu University. At present, however, the carbon researches should be shared over lots of researchers working in industry, where new enterprises utilizing nano carbons, as well as the world's academic society. We have prepared new divisions for cooperative researches. ICST consists of 5 units: Endo Laboratory, Division for Nano-carbon Fundamentals, and Division for Application of Carbon Materials, Division for Open Advanced Research Facilities Initiative and Nanotechnology Platform and management room.

Carbon nanotube (CNT) is one of the elemental carbon consists of so called sp2 carbon atoms, each of that has three bonds to others. A tube structure formed by bending one or few sheets (graphene) contributes to exhibit a mechanical strength and high (or tunable) electrical conductance. We will pursue further electrical as well as mechanical properties of nano carbon including CNTs and compositions containing nano carbons.

We would invite you to pursue the possibilities of new material of this century nano carbons.

ICST has started as a research and education center for the fundamental science and industrial application of carbon materials.

In new ICST, we will conduct the carbon research to be one of the world's top runner while appealing its possibility as a material to overcome technical issues in a lot of fields.
I hope you will see those possibilities and join us to study those materials, if possible.


Yoshio Hashimoto