The 6th International Sports Science Network Forum in Nagano 2016 / The 4th International Symposium of Institute for Biomedical Sciences will be held.

November 9 (Wed)-11 (Fri), 2016

Hotel Buena Vista 3F Grande

Background and objective of the forum:
As we face the arrival of a hyper-aged society, it is an urgent requirement to establish "a society facilitating healthy longevity", in which aged people can maintain their "health" and find a "meaning for living" to the ends of their lives. Especially, a system of preventive medicine must be promptly devised for the control of medical costs. Exercise therapy is attracting attention as a technique indispensable in preventive medicine. However, there is no scientifically based exercise prescription that is employed worldwide in the field of preventive medicine. We, therefore, aim to create "longevity-promoting health science" as a new field of preventive medicine by setting sports medicine, which is directly related to exercise prescription, as the core and integrating related fields such as clinical medicine, nutrition, and information technology around it. This forum was designed to gather distinguished domestic and overseas researchers together for discussion.

Sponsor: Shinshu University
Co-sponsors: Institute for Biomedical Sciences, Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research
       Shinshu University & Nonprofit Organization, Jukunen Taiikudaigaku Research Center
Supporters: Japanese Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine
       Japanese Physiological Sciety

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